Parent Education Facilitator Job Description


Position Details

  • Position Title: Parent Facilitator
  • Department: National Office
  • Reports to: Volunteer Education Manager
  • Hours: To be determined
  • Contract Employment contract
  • Location: To be confirmed


Position Brief

The Parent Facilitator is a resource for Centres to deliver services and support to parents and the community through quality and community specific parent education

To offer support and assistance with parenting specific issues and individualised coping strategies.

To counsel, coordinate and collaborate to deliver excellence in support provision to parents in the community

The role will coordinate collaboration with parents seeking or requiring assistance from other services available in New Zealand.

Parents Centres is an EEO registered organisation and provides a family friendly workplace

Likely qualification: Training in effective group facilitation. Social worker qualifications or similar equivalent ' early childhood education experience or relevant qualification

Minimum level of operational experience: 5 years in related or similar operational environment.


Responsibilities Parent Education within Parents Centres

  • Develop and deliver parent education programmes and one:one support in the community
  • Assist in the development of other Parent Centres' support and services under the realm of education
  • Facilitate parenting discussion groups; support groups and workshops in the region and communities
  • Able to train or present approved Parent Centre programmes and workshops
  • Able to train or present approved non ' Parents Centre programmes and workshops
  • Be familiar with parenting programmes and workshops available in the community


One on one parent consultation

  • Present a high level of professionalism and effective communication skills
  • Be available for consultations with parents on parenting issues
  • Be available for consultation with parents on coping skills and strategies
  • Refer individuals to professional & community organisations for specific services
  • Have a through understanding about the roles and functions of family and parent services in New Zealand
  • Liaise with and maintain relationships with community services to deliver against collaboration of services
  • Maintain up to date information for appropriate support service and health based referrals


  • Meeting Parents Centres NZ Inc management and administrative requirements, including monthly reports to the VEM, record systems, budgeting and other such systems as required by the organisation
    • Participate in organisational planning and development. Being sensitive to new direction and regularly reviewing education to ensure relevance and effectiveness
    • Acting as a channel for the expression of CBE needs, aspirations and functions with the organisation.
    • Development and maintenance of high customer service culture and focus by a relationship driven process
    • Work effectively as a member of the National Office team contributing positively to motivation and to the culture
    • Ensure the effective use of technology to enhance the speed, effectiveness and transparency of communication ' i.e. Web site input, e-mail communication, e newsletter and potential e-learning capabilities
    • Ensure that Parents Centres brand and image is maintained and developed in accordance with the aim of increasing education outputs


Skills & Competencies

Core Competencies

Likely qualification: Effective facilitation and group management skills

Minimum level of operational experience: 5 years in related or similar operational environment.

Parents Centres Knowledge

Level 1

Level 2

Information Technology ' MS suite


Level 2

Level 2

Marketing ' communications ' written and verbal

Financial and Administrative functional competency

Level 2

Level 4

Core Competencies

' Facilitation Skills

' Communication Skills

Level 1

' Professional Ethics

Level 1