Volunteers are the lifeblood of Parents Centres across the country.  We wouldn't exist without the extraordinary enthusiasm and energy of so many generous and proactive people nationwide.

Volunteering is rewarding, skill-building, good for communities and, let's not forget, often it's great fun!  It fosters a strong sense of belonging and community connection.

Time and again our volunteers are the people who are full-time parents, have paid jobs to undertake and other commitments who still manage to find the time to volunteer for their Centres within their communities! 

It's heartening to see the wide range of benefits that volunteering brings. These include friendships, a sense of belonging, personal and professional growth, the ability to expand a CV for returning to the paid workforce and, often, the overall satisfaction that comes from being able to contribute to others parents and their families.

Volunteering is about giving something back to your own community;  being involved with a proactive group and reaping the rewards of that involvement. It can be a hugely rewarding experience.

Long time Parents Centre trainer, Joan Hay, shares some of her motivation tips for volunteers here

If you wish to become a much-valued volunteer please contact a Centre near you or fill out the 'Volunteer Form' below .


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