Car Seat Service

This service is open on Mondays and Fridays except public holidays from 11am-2pm. Out of hours arrangements can be made but at an additional cost. We are located at Rotary House, 12 Story Place.  We provide FREE checks of any seat no matter where you get it from, a HIRE service and Sell Diono car seats.


We sell Diono car seats 

Diono R100 $400

Diono Rainier $500

Diono Olympia $400

Diono Monterey Booster $235


Please email us at, PM our Facebook page or leave a message on (07) 3784995 and our technicians will get back to you to confirm all the details for you.

Hire Costs

Capsule 6 month hire $60 plus $50 bond
Capsule short term hire $50 max one month plus $50 bond
Toddler seat 12 months $100 plus $50 bond
Toddler seat medium term hire (max 6 month) $75 plus $50 bond
Toddler seat short term hire (max 3 months) $65 plus $50 bond
Toddler seat short term hire (max 1 month) $50 plus $50 bond
Booster seat short term hire $30 plus $50 bond
NOTE Bond is returned to you a couple of weeks after you have returned your seat due to processing times

Checking of seats and help with installation is FREE

Drop in any time during clinic hours and one of our trained technicians will assist you and help you with any questions you may have.


A big THANK YOU goes to Ebbett Taupo for sponsorship of our service, please support them where you can.