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It would be nice if children came with instruction manuals, but sadly they don't! 

That's where we come in!

For around 60 years we've been helping parents with everything from pregnancy and childbirth right through to different aspects of raising infants and toddlers.



Childbirth Education Classes

Parents Centre has been running childbirth education classes for over 60 years.

They are the leading provider of childbirth education in the country and keep up to date with the latest in research and teaching techniques.

Parents Centre recognises that pregnancy and birth is a time of enormous change in a family's life and know how to provide expert support, encouragement and the right information to new and expectant parents.

Our educators are qualified with a Diploma in Childbirth Education and are experienced in their field of work.

Our classes are consistent with the most recent specifications for pregnancy and parenting information and education meaning that your classes are consistent with Ministry of Health Key Messages and are delivered to a high service standard.

Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and Early Parenting

This fully funded course helps parents to be and support people to prepare for childbirth and becoming parents, in a friendly, relaxed environment.

The course is run by a trained Childbirth Educator who has up to date knowledge of pregnancy and birthing practices and is trained in leadership and adult education.

Pregnancy Content

·      Pregnancy anatomy

·      Pregnancy warning signs

·      Nutrition and hazards

·      Discomfort and physical changes

·      Optimal foetal positioning

·      What to take to the hospital

·      Your rights regarding LMC care

·      Stretching, Pelvic floor awareness and exercise benefits

Labour and Birth Content

·      Signs and stages of labour

·      Birth positions

·      The role of the support person

·      Coping strategies, self-help, relaxation and massage

·      Interventions

·      Informed decision making and consent

·      Medical pain relief

·      Developing a birth plan

Postnatal Content

·      Breastfeeding

·      Bathing

·      Sleeping

·      Unexpected outcomes

·      Changes in lifestyle

·      Postnatal depression

·      The immediate postnatal period

·      Vitamin K

·      Coping strategies in the early weeks

·      Nappy options

Booking Information

Our classes are funded through Lakes District Health Board and are consistent with Ministry of Health key messages.

Our educators are experienced, regularly reviewed and qualified with a Diploma in Childbirth Education.

There is no charge for this course which includes the Baby & You postnatal group.

You will also be given the option to upgrade to full Rotorua Parents Centre membership which will give you access to free playgroup, discounted parenting events and an increased support network.

Bookings are essential (early booking is recommended)

TO BOOK, please follow the link below. You will need your NHI number and your due date in order to complete the booking.

Book online 

Please email if you have any questions about the classes or booking process. 


Attending a childbirth education class was a great way to become informed about labour and my options.  It answered questions that I'd never even thought to ask!

One of the many useful things I learnt about were the pro's and con's of the various pain relief options.  I feel I made really good decisions about the pain relief I ended up using because of this information.

The sessions about the birth itself reduced my level of fear around what this experience would be like.  I understood that the pain I would feel had a true purpose to advance the labour, and when the time came, I found it easier to rationalise the discomfort I felt ' knowing that it was helping me to actually have my baby!

Ultimately, ante-natal classes are made up of women from every spectrum within the community ' a random collection of people.  Even so, I was able to connect with women who were so different to me over a common experience and I remain solid friends with some of these special people.  You can't put a price on having contact with people who have children of a similar age!


The Rotorua parent's centre (through our CBE) helped set up our first coffee group gathering which was great because this encouraged us all to attend! My group has been invaluable for friendship and finding out others are going through similar situations - and it is all ok!

Also through the Parents Centre I attended the Baby and You course which was a fantastic source of useful information and was a good excuse to get out of the house. It was great to meet other mums and go for coffee afterwards - like a social event. I believe Parent Centre to be a very supportive group and so have joined the committee to help other parents have similar experiences.

I am very thankful to my midwife for recommending Rotorua Parents Centre to me and would thoroughly encourage others to join up as well.



Parents Centre classes were enormously reassuring, I felt prepared and informed every step of the way. They gave me the confidence to realise that birth is my experience, not some thing done to me. Knowledge was power and started off my parenting journey in such a positive way, and the support networks of other parents were a lifesaver at times. I recommend Parents Centre classes to everyone starting on this uncharted journey into parenthood.

I found the classes fantastic, really relaxed but very informative. The teacher was lovely, made me feel at ease straight away and it was great meeting a new group of people in the same situation.

The classes were great, covered all the material in depth so I felt prepared before my 'big day'. The best part was meeting a new group of mums who are all fantastic people. We all get on really well and I look forward to our weekly get together.

I attended the Rotorua Parents Centre antenatal class with my husband and found the content interesting and necessary to ensure I was fully informed about labour, pain relief and other topics. Having my husband attend with me was great. While I had done a lot of my own research, this was really his first insight of what to expect and I think this started to make it feel a lot more 'real' for him. The information we learned on this course allowed us both not to panic about the birth getting closer and that we would soon have a little baby who was totally reliant on us. I attended my first Baby & You course when my baby was 2 weeks old and it was a great way to start getting out of the house on a regular basis and socialising with other mothers. It also allowed me to gain confidence about breastfeeding in public. I would definitely recommend the childbirth education and parent education classes by Rotorua Parents Centre for anyone who has a baby/child or is expecting a baby.






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