Robin Grille - New Zealand seminars


Parents Centre is proud to present parenting seminars by Robin Grille, parenting educator and psychologist. Robin is a published author of books and articles around the world including Heart to Heart Parenting and Parenting for a Peaceful World.

Robin is coming to three locations in the North island - Wairarapa, Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay - in April/May to present an informative and interactive seminar on "How to get your kids to do stuff: a psycho-babble-free look at what really motivates children."

All across the world, it seems we hear the cry of the universal parent saying "how do I get my child to..." (you fill in the gap!) Does this sound like you? You're not alone! Bedtime battles, fussy eating, homework blues.

Good news: in this talk Robin Grille will support you to reclaim your power as a parent and discover the key to your child's self motivation. Robin will take a deep look at how to unlock your child's motivation and most importantly he will share ideas on how to have fun in the process. Bring your questions along to this event to make the most of engaging with Robin Grille and other parents in the community. For tickets book at search "Robin Grille" for events.

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