RIP Helen Brew - founding pioneer of Parents Centres

Helen Brew was the primary force behind the founding of Parents Centre and was the last survivor of our founding pioneers.

One of Helen's birth experiences was in hospital where her attempts to apply Dr Grantly Dick Read's natural childbirth techniques were frustrated at the moment of success by forced anaesthetising. It was a stark contrast to the relaxed and happy home delivery for the birth of her and husband Quentin's third child, with only her midwife and husband in attendance.

Helen ran a variety of lectures and meetings of the Christchurch Psychological Society in the early 1950's, which were the seeds of the Parents Centre movement, an idea that grew directly out of her own childbirth experiences. Helen always fought for the rights of parents and children.

Several of us have had the privilege of knowing and working alongside Helen Brew ' her passion for Parents Centre and what we all still stand for today was exceptional. A woman who was greatly admired amongst so many ' volunteers, families and professionals alike. We will always remember the great work that Helen did and how it has contributed to not only our organisation but to the health and wellbeing of so many New Zealand families.

RIP Helen Brew, you were an inspiration to us all.

You can read more about Helen Brew and her early days with Parents Centre at the link here (go to the extracts from The Trouble With Women).

15 January 2013