Parents Centres Week 16-22 June - Celebrating over 60 years of supporting New Zealand parents!

Parents Centres have been equipping New Zealand parents with invaluable parenting knowledge for over six decades! 16-22 June 2013 is national Parents Centres week and Centres up and down the country will be celebrating the amazing work they do in communities to support parents in their roles. The prime purpose of this is to secure more members and volunteers and promote Centre services.

Car Restraint Safety Campaign

This year we will again be supporting the car restraint safety campaign and we will be working with New World and Baby on the Move to support this event.

We’d like to see all regions participating in this event and encourage you to work with New World to ask if you can use a corner of their supermarket car park to hold your campaign. You should also invite your Baby on the Move representative to support you, they have qualified technicians who will check the car seats, bolts, webbing and installation of the seat.

Talk with your local franchisee holder to see how you can work together. You may also wish to include your local police – their visibility also supports the importance of checking car seat restraints for little ones. Just to note, a recent survey in one community highlighted around 90% of seats were incorrectly installed – a sobering thought and a sobering statistic! Invite your local media along to take photos and to run a story on your car seat checking clinic.


Family Friendly Awards

Piloted by Gore Parents Centre in 2012 these local Awards turned out to be a great marketing  and branding exercise for their Centre. The key to the Awards was to strike up a partnership with local media so the Centre was assured of good coverage.

Some Centres are planning on launching these local Awards as part of Parents Centre Week - click here for more information.


Other events

It's OUR national week and this is a great opportunity for you to profile your Centre – run a free parenting seminar, provide an entertainer in your local mall/community hub, run a raffle, run a competition (mum or dad of the year?), run a colouring competition, run a sausage sizzle – profile your services, give away balloons, Kiwiparent magazines (with membership forms inside) and your local newsletter and brochures. Wear your Parents Centre t-shirts and remember most importantly – talk to people! 

There are loads of other ideas to help you profile your Centre in our Centre Marketing Kit - download a copy online from the coffee lounge - click here for the link.


Newspaper features

In 2012 we saw a big push from some Centres towards getting some great local media coverage about Parents Centre and building relationships with local newspaper editors with a view to possibly doing a regular feature on 'parenting'.  Good editors should see great value in this - you are providing good relevant content for the paper and it gives them the opportunity to sell advertising to businesses who want to reach families. 

We have some articles here on this page which will give you a good start with content; your Centre can come up with some others which might work locally including topics such as;

  • local cafe reviews
  • activities
  • events
  • CBE/facilitator profiles - parents will be keen to know more about the people running programmes for your Centre - their background, qualifications etc
  • a spiel about Parents Centre programmes and how they are run - i.e. interactive, supportive, learning and sharing etc, along with great quotes from past participants 

What a great project for a member/committee member of your Centre who enjoys writing and is keen to build up a real portfolio of newspaper articles to add to their CV!  Good newspaper editors will see real value in this and it's a great way to illustrate one of the key drivers of Parents Centre; parents supporting parents in their community.

Some articles are below to get you started, please alter as you wish to reflect your local Centre.  If you want more content or have other ideas for content that you think might be useful to other Centres contact Eleanor -

Local Parents Centre Story for PC Week Click to Download Reader

Conscious Parenting Articles Click to Download Reader