Parenting styles

 You may never have  considered your parenting style, since most of us tend to parent on auto pilot, the way we were parented  - yes, the good... and the not so good.

 Have you ever considered that there might be another, more effective parenting style than the one you might naturally fall into, or the way that you were parented?


Parenting styles broadly fall into 3 categories:


Few rules or limits, lack of control, inconsistency, over-involved, punish severely, lack of respect (for parent and/or child).

Children have the power.



Many rules, controlling, inflexible, fearful, physically or verbally abusive, lack of respect (for parent and/or child), use of punishment to control, demand obedience.

Parents have the power.



Consistent, non violent, fair, strong boundaries, loving nurturing, open and honest communication, mutual respect, flexible, self control is taught and modeled.

Parents and children share power.


This Conscious Parenting 'Tip of the Month' comes from our Parents Centre 'Parenting With Purpose'  Programme. Contact your local Centre to see when this programme will run at a Centre near you.