Tinies to Tots

The 'Tinies to Tots' programme follows on from 'Moving and Munching' and is designed for parents whose little ones are growing out of the baby stage and becoming a toddler (from around 10-18 months).

As your baby starts to grow and develop the type of play and stimulation they need changes. The 'Tinies to Tots' programme explores types of play and how they can assist in your baby's development. Careful consideration is given to age appropriate toys, games and activities.

The programme allows for the sharing of ideas with other parents, which you may find is a supportive way of exploring ways of interacting with your own children.

Also covered are safety aspects in and around the home. To the little one who is beginning toexplore the world around them within their home environment, there can be a number of opportunities for them to be faced with hazards ' large and small. Identifying hazards, ensuring baby equipment is safe and understanding ways to prevent injuries are other aspects discussed.

Nutrition is explored including learning about ideal foods and the right time to introduce particular foods to toddlers. The importance of a young child having a balanced diet, the benefits of extending breastfeeding and learning about allergies and introducing new foods is all part of the discussion. Along with nutritional learning comes caring for new teeth, and sound advice on this.

The 'Tinies to Tots' programme will introduce you to speakers who are expert in their field, and who can give you some sound information which will help you make important decisions for your child as they grow from a 'tiny' to a 'tot'.

Visit a centre near you to find out about booking into this course through your local Centre or for further information on the wide range of parenting courses offered through Parents Centres in your area.