Parenting with Purpose

How we approach parenthood may very well determine how our children "turn out".

Perhaps we should consider how we would like our children to be as adults? 

For them to be successful takes a bit of thinking on our part. As parents, we must give some conscious thought on how we react in certain scenarios and how our behaviour impacts on our little ones, how we can effectively communicate with our children in a way that doesn't result in negative behaviour.

The two Conscious Parenting programmes offered by Parents Centres are designed to give kiwi parents techniques and insights on how to parent in a conscious way.

We all know children need supervision when they are learning, at school, at home, out in public. If it's a new task we correct when needs, we help when they get stuck, we praise their initiatives, creativity and efforts. But what about the hard stuff?

Communication techniques, strategies for engagement, identifying negative behaviour, how to react appropriately don't always pop into our heads instinctively, do they?

The following programmes were devised specifically to help with those sticky moments:


Parenting with Purpose

A twelve hour programme designed to give parents an understanding of some of the following:

' Understanding causes of stress in adults and children and identifying useful strategies for reducing these

' Strategies to engage children's participation

' The difference between discipline and punishment


Magic Moments

A three week programme focusing on:

' Communication with children

' Engaging co-operation with children

' Disciplinary techniques

' Routine and structure

' Understanding children's expressions of feelings


'Parenting with Purpose has been invaluable as it makes us think about how and why we parent, there are many new things to learn and new ways to do things.' ' Christchurch parent.

'Group discussions and sharing is such a valuable part of this course.' ' Auckland parent.


Visit a centre near you to find out about booking into this course through your local Centre or for further information on the wide range of parenting courses offered through Parents Centres in your area.