Music and Movement

Parents Centres ‘Music and Movement’ is a programme welcoming caregivers with their babies and toddlers to join in with a host of different musical activities.

The programme includes fun with singing, musical instruments and action songs. It is run by enthusiastic leaders who interact personally with parents and children. Making musical instruments such as drums, shakers, cymbals and coloured streamers is something which may be included as an activity in the programme, depending on the age of children attending the group.

Also common to the programme is the opportunity for children to dance where they can use scarves and other props such as ribbons, large lycra sheets, bubble makers, pois, balls, balloons etc. Hand action songs and finger rhymes allow children to interact with other children and their caregiver.

Some groups include themes in the programme - such as a teddy bears picnic, inviting special guests, encouraging children to dress up in their favourite costumes and dance/ act out nursery rhymes or other favourite songs.

The’ Music and Movement’ programme offers endless opportunities for a vast variety of music and stimulating activities. Learning through play is a big part of the ‘Music and Movement’ philosophy. Children enjoy immensely the sounds, the colours, the activities and the interaction, at the same time using up their energy in an active learning and happy environment.

Visit a centre near you to find out about booking into this course through your local Centre or for further information on the wide range of parenting courses offered through Parents Centres in your area.