Magic Moments

Learning outcomes ' Magic Moments ' communication for co operation:

The following are the learning outcomes for each module of the programme

At the end of each module, participants will be able to:

Module One

  • Understand and have an overview of the course content

  • Understand the 6 Principles of Effective Discipline and how they apply in your own life

  • Identify and understand the developmental stages and milestones of pre schoolers

  • Identify a wide range of positive and effective communication techniques

Module Two

  • Identify communication techniques to engage children's cooperation

  • Understand the importance of routine and structure and have practical strategies for use in your own life

  • Understand why it is important to allow children to express their feelings

  • Understand how and why pre school children express their feelings

  • Identify a range of practical techniques for helping children express and deal with their feelings

Module Three

  • Understand the difference between discipline and punishment

  • Identify some negative outcomes of physical discipline of children

  • Identify some negative behaviour triggers in children

  • Identify a wide range of non physical discipline techniques and ways in which they can be used within a family setting

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