Learning outcomes of Parenting With Purpose - creating a positive future for our children:

The following are the learning outcomes for each module of the programme

At the end of each module, participants will be able to:

Module One

  • Understand the meaning of 'conscious parenting.'

  • Identify conscious parenting skills that may be applied to individuals

  • Understand and identify how our personal qualities help determine our effectiveness as parents

Module Two

  • Understand the connection between parents meeting their own needs and conscious parenting

  • Understand how families are affected when parents do not make their own needs a priority

  • Identify features of healthy relationships and have an understanding of how these can be applied in your own life

Module Three

  • Identify their children's main needs

  • Understand some causes of stress in adults and children and identify some useful strategies for reducing it

  • Identify strategies parents can use to engage their children's cooperation 

Module Four

  • Understand the difference between discipline and punishment

  • Identify and understand the features of the three main parenting styles and temperaments of children

  • Identify common causes of challenging behaviour in children

Module Five

  • Identify triggers of challenging behaviour in their children

  • Understand how anger and conflict in the family can negatively impact children's behaviour and identify some effective anger management strategies

  • Gain an understanding of a wide range of non physical discipline techniques and identify ways they can be used within the family setting

Module Six

  • Identify personal qualities you would like your child/ren to have as adults

  • Identify a wide range of strategies for strengthening the family

  • Create a vision and action plan for the future

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