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Classes for 2010 - 50% discount for Onewa Parents Centre Members

Moving and Munching: Wednesdays March 3 & 10; July 7 & 14; November 3 & 10.  7pm-9pm.

For the parents of 4-8 month olds, this course is held over two nights; In our Moving class Chris Morris from Jumping Beans offers practical tips on physical play with your baby to help with their development; For our Munching class our speaker is Dr Cath Conlon - paediatric nutritionist, expert for Littlies magazine and a mum. Come along to discuss starting solids, allergies, signs of readiness and some myths about starting solids are debunked. Both sessions are down to earth and questions are welcomed. In addition, you are presented with a fabulous cookbook, 'Baby food and Beyond' by Alison Holst and Simon Holst (RRP $16.50), to get you started on those first meals.

Crawlers & Toddlers Session: Just my Daddy and Me  June 12th  10:30am (tentatively)

Lots of Mum's get to take their little ones to gym or Jumping Beans but very few Dads get that opportunity as lots of them are working. Chris Morris from Jumping Beans has kindly offered us his time, expertise and equipment to have a Saturday morning class just for Dads and their crawlers/toddlers. Chris is going to teach Dad's some excellent tips for playing with their little people using the specialist equipment he uses for his own business. Due to the practical nature of the course, spaces are limited.

Toddler Session: Speech and Language Development (to be confirmed) Tuesday June 8.  7pm-9pm.

This is for parents of 6-18 month olds. This course covers the development of language skills, strategies to facilitate language acquisition and how feeding fits in with speaking.

Toddler Session: Meal Planning for Toddlers   Tuesday September 7th.  7pm-9pm.

This course helps with things like ways to encourage your child to try new things and eat a variety of food, food with different iron contents to ensure your child is getting all the iron and nutrients they need, and meal and snack ideas.  We include how to handle the fussy eater. Great for us busy Mums trying to plan meals for the whole family which both yummy and nutritious.

Toddler Session: Boundaries and Behaviour Tuesday: June 15th; October 19th.  7pm-9pm.

This course provides advice on coping with issues such as discipline, tantrums, aggressive behaviour, sharing, and a child not responding to 'no'.   You will receive a number of interesting handouts covering things like testing limits and teaching self-esteem in children, as well as having our experienced and qualified instructor, Marie-Louise who is a Plunket nurse.

Toddler Session: Sleep and Toilet Training Tuesday: April 20th; August 31st.  7pm-9pm.

Discussions and advice on sleep problems such as changing from a cot to a bed, waking at night, coming out of the bedroom.  Also when and how to toilet train your child, including signs of readiness. Bring your questions and issues for open discussion and receive tips from our speaker, Marie-Louise, and other parents.

Toddler Session: 'Being a Toddler is Tough.'   Tuesday May 25th. 7pm-9pm.

Karen Perrett brings her experience as a mum of 5, as an early childhood teacher and as a special education expert to this course to discuss sibling rivalry with toddlers and ways introducing the new baby to the existing child; what to expect from the different types of childcare options available, what to look for when choosing one for your child and how to prepare your child for being left; and lastly how many activities is too much at this age and the importance of play.

CPR and First Aid: Tuesday: April 13th; September 28th 7pm-9pm.

For all parents and other care givers, this course covers CPR on both toddler and adult dummies, and other basic first aid likely to be required in families with Toddlers.


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