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Parents Centres successful lobbying for Partners in the Brthing Room

Gone are the days when the Dad kissed his partner goodbye at the steps of the hospital or paced up and down the hospital corridor awaiting the sound of his crying baby or an announcement from the Doctor.

Thanks to the lobbying that Parents Centres New Zealand did many years ago, fathers, partners and support people are now ‘allowed’ to be at the birth of their baby and in fact play a vital role supporting their partner and participating in the birth of their baby. Read more.

Parents Centre Week – 18 – 22 June 2018 | Celebrating Volunteers and Supporting Parents Across New Zealand

Parents Centres New Zealand wants to recognise and thank all the volunteers that make us who we are.

“Our volunteers are key to Parents Centres being there for families around New Zealand – we wouldn’t be able to operate without them” said Heather Hayden, Parents Centre Chief Executive.

Parents Centre Week commences today, Monday 18th June and is an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the ongoing commitment our volunteers provide to families across New Zealand. This also coincides with International Volunteer Week taking place this week. Over one thousand people volunteer for Parents Centres in our 46 Centres around New Zealand - all giving their time and skills to improve communities, bring people together and support parents to be the best that they can be. Read more.

Parents Centre New Zealand Supporting Parents Across New Zealand

“At Parents Centre New Zealand Inc, we believe that parenting is everything. Our philosophy embraces working with parents to equip them with the knowledge, skills and support so they can be the best parents they can possibly be.” Says Heather Hayden, Parents Centres Chief Executive. 

All new parents are vulnerable, the knowledge and support they get from Parents Centre and its volunteers is invaluable. Parents Centres New Zealand are the primary provider of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parent education in New Zealand. They’ve been advocating for parents since 1952. Read more.