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We continuously take bookings for Child Birth Education and Baby and You so please as soon as possible get in touch then we have the best chance of slotting you into the most appropriate course for your due date. Get in contact to secure your space!

Committee Meeting -
All welcome. The next meeting is our AGM.
Interested in hearing more on what we do as a group? Have some ideas for support needed within the community? Pop along to our meeting

The AGM is Scheduled for this coming Friday 1st June at 11 am at 10 Alana place and will be followed by finger food lunch.  Please come along, it would be awesome to have your support on Friday and for the year ahead!
Many of our fabulous committee members are needing to step down from their current roles due to family committments so we are in need for some new volunteers! Please see the roles below.

President - Rebecca Toms, after many years in this role it’s time for Rebecca to pass on the reins – contact us to nominate an awesome president for 2018!
Treasurer - Maddy Robertson, sadly Maddy is leaving the district! So this role will become vacant
Secretary - Colleen Murray, however Colleen is currently living in the Waikato so if anyone would like to step into this role please get in contact
Membership - Rebekah Vercoe, Rebekah is due to have her second baby any day now! And has just handed this role over to Emma Barnett J
Course coordinator – Rebecca Toms
CBE support – Marian Miller
Newsletter Editor - Rebekah Vercoe
Newsletter advertising and member benefits - Vacant
Newsletter and Kiwiparent Distribution - Marian Miller
Grants coordinator – Colleen Murray
Room coordinator - Vacant
Facebook coordinator - Molina Bilsborough
Website coordinator - Vacant
Fundraising coordinator - Vacant
Expo coordinator – Maddy Robertson, Maddy will continue this role for the 2018 expo be we are looking for a new expo leader for 2019!
H&S - Vacant

As you can see there are still a few roles vacant so if you or anyone you know would like to be part of this awesome team please get in touch! We also have friends of the committee who help out when time allows so if you are keen to be part of it but unable to commit on a regular basis this would be a great option!


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