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Baby and You

The Baby and You course is for new mums with newborns. Of course Dads are very welcome too! It is aimed at helping new parents adjust to the changes parenthood brings.  The course is held over six weeks on a Friday morning at the Marlborough Parents Centre rooms at 10 Alana Place, Blenheim.

Topics Covered Include:

' All about you and bubs - birth stories, life since birth, time saving tips

' How feeding is progressing

' How your role has changed

' Caring for yourself

' Coping with crying

' Baby massage

' Sleeping - recognising signs, settling techniques

' Age appropriate toys and activities

' Podiatry and Osteopathy

' Brain development /movement

' Solids - first foods, baby led weaning, signs baby is ready for food

' Where to from here, childcare options, activities available in Marlborough

The course provides a great opportunity to make new friends with mums going through the same stage of parenthood with the ongoing support of coffee groups.

Moving & Munching

This two session course is for parents of babies four months and older. Information is presented in a fun way to help you enjoy this exciting stage of your child's development.

The course is held over two weeks generally on a Thursday morning at  the Marlborough Parents Centre rooms, 10 Alana Place.

Topics Covered Include:

' Development of fine & gross motor skills & how you can assist

' How babies learn through play & age appropriate toys

' Creating a safe environment for free movement now that baby is mobile

' Preparing first foods & ideas on what foods at different ages

' Baby led weaning/purees/home made/pre made

' Need for charges in textures, tastes & quantity of solids

' Ways to encourage baby to develop healthy attitudes to food & how you can assist

Special Sessions

Our special sessions are run throughout the year, they are workshops where guest speakers come to share information with parents. These sessions are for parents with children of all ages and will be advertised on our facebook page

Child Restraint Presentation

Join Russell, a trained Child Restraint Technician from Baby on the Move as he covers topics

such as:

' Accepted standards

' Legislation & best practice

' Stages of child restraints

Open to all members of the Marlborough Parents Centre. Non members are welcome - gold coin donation.

Conscious Parenting Courses

At the Marlborough Parents Center we have joined the NZPC Conscious parenting, Parenting With Purpose ' creating a positive future for our children, and Magic moments, communication for cooperation, courses into one group of sessions as they are so closely linked together.

The Conscious parenting seminar sessions run over 3 evenings and is an interactive and informative series facilitated by REAP with loads of tips and strategies to make parenting of children of all ages easier.  Conscious parenting means becoming deliberate and intentional about what we want for the children we care for, it's about making choices about what we bring from to our families and what we leave out, how you want to parent your child.  This course covers identifying key behaviours and styles and what impact they have on our children. And developing positive strategies for effective communication and cooperation.

Topics include:

  • Understand the meaning of 'conscious parenting.'

  • Identify conscious parenting skills that may be applied to individuals

  • Understand and identify how our personal qualities help determine our effectiveness as parents

  • Understand the connection between parents meeting their own needs and conscious parenting

  • Understand how families are affected when parents do not make their own needs a priority

  • Understand what a healthy relationship looks like

  • Understand a Childs main needs

  • Understand some causes of stress in adults and children and identify some useful strategies for reducing it

  • Identify and understand the developmental stages and milestones of pre schoolers


  • Identify a wide range of positive and effective communication techniques to engage childrens cooperation

  • Understand the importance of routine and structure and have practical strategies for use in your own life

  • Understand why it is important to allow children to express their feelings

  • Understand how and why pre school children express their feelings

  • Identify a range of practical techniques for helping children express and deal with their feelings

Challenging behaviour and Discipline

  • Identify and understand the features of the three main parenting styles and temperaments of children

  • Identify common causes of challenging behaviour in children

  • Understand the difference between discipline and punishment

  • Understand the 6 Principles of Effective Discipline and how they apply in your own life

  • Understand how anger and conflict in the family can negatively impact children's behaviour and identify some effective anger management strategies

  • Identify some negative outcomes of physical discipline of Children

  • Gain an understanding of a wide range of non physical discipline techniques and identify ways they can be used within the family setting


  • Identify personal qualities you would like your child/ren to have as adults

  • Identify a wide range of strategies for strengthening the family

  • Create a vision and action plan for the future

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