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We continuously take bookings for Child Birth Education and Baby and You so please as soon as possible get in touch then we have the best chance of slotting you into the most appropriate course for your due date. Get in contact to secure your space!


Childbirth Education

Our Childbirth Education courses are run by trained Childbirth Educators and are designed for pregnant women and their partners. The courses provide an opportunity to make new friends and form a coffee group.

Attending Childbirth Education classes enables parents to make informed choices and gives them the opportunity to meet other expectant parents who are in a similar life stage.

Through a series of 6 -7 weekly classes,  the Childbirth Educator provides a range of information and facilitates discussion to support parents to make informed decisions around pregnancy, childbirth and the care of their newborn baby.

Crucial information about:

' Changes of pregnancy and expectations,

' Coping with labour and how to help yourself

' Giving birth and unexpected outcomes

' Hospital visit

' Parenting in those early months;

Information that is comprehensive and based on the very latest research. You will gain valuable practical skills and strategies for your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

For our enrolment form, click on the following link.

CBE/Baby and you Enrollment form


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