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Toilet Training

  • “It had lots of excellent suggestions of things we hadn't tried with our daughter and only enforced that our fears were normal.”
  • “Excellent value for money.”
  • “It definitely helped getting the book”
  • “Go - a great session where you will leave with lots of information and feeling confident about potty training.”
  • “GO FOR IT.......we did the Phase 3 Method our daughter was potty trained in a weekend and is now going by herself....only 3 accidents in 2 weeks!”
  • "The speaker was fantastic.  She was knowledgeable but also had a relaxed session that gave opportunity for questions.”
  • “Excellent, very engaging and answered all questions.”


 First Aid

I would just like to thank you for offering the first aid course through baby and me and the evening course. My son had an apnoea moment last Sunday and thought it would be fun to stop breathing. But because we were confident in our ability to administer first aid there wasn't the panic. Thankfully he started up on his own, but took over 15 minutes to wake up, but again we were calm because there were 4 of us in the house that could save him. So thank you. I wish every parent, every husband, every older sibling knew how to administer first aid.

Sarah Harris Green  29 June 2013 via Facebook

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