Parenting Council                                      


This is a formal union of five of New Zealand's top parenting organisations. They are:

  • Parents Centre
  • The Pacific Foundation
  • Triple P/Healthy Families
  • Parenting with Confidence
  • Parent to Parent

The Council's aim is to bring about systemic changes to the parenting environment, to move New Zealand from a situation where virtually all the parenting resources are focused on late intervention and mitigating bad practice to one in which the parenting role is valued and seen as worth proactively resourcing. To achieve this the Council will have three activity areas.

  • Research
  • Public relations
  • Lobbying

In order to achieve this in the current policy environment we need to gather a body of credible evidence to do the following.

  • Describe the current parenting environment ' reflected in historical parenting environments.
  • Demonstrate the costs of the current environment, both financial and social.
  • Describe and quantify impediments to people starting families in the current environment. Project the long term costs of this.
  • Find international comparisons of more effective parenting environments and demonstrate the financial and social benefits of them.
  • Describe an ideal parenting environment and possible steps towards it.

The Councilwill be looking for all the support possible in this endeavour. The council has a mission statement which states:

To create an environment which will enable all children and young people in New Zealand to receive competent, confident and nurturing parenting

Ultimately there is a bigger picture

The benefits to society from generation after generation of well adjusted citizens who have been raised in skilled, loving, motivating environments and are ready to contribute to society cannot be underestimated. We can look forward to economic prosperity, social safety and harmony, a greater sense of community, a diminished demand on the tax payer. We can look forward to a greater percentage of our citizens living a life of value and meaning.