Supporting women to breastfeed for longer

Parents Centre support all women with their breastfeeding. Breastfeeding for some can be challenging however; changes to their lifestyle, such as returning to work, may mean that breastfeeding is interrupted. To support mums further with these challenges and to ensure their baby receives the goodness her breastmilk provides, many women successfully express their milk and feed their baby from an SNS (supplemental nursing system), dropper, cup or bottle.

Parents Centre’s strategic partner, Phillips Avent, wanted to engage with women of our membership who were expressing, to review their new breast pumps.

Philips Avent asked for six women to trial their manual pump and another six to trial their electric pump. The added bonus being, that after the trial the women kept the pump!

As Parents Centre are fully supportive of Breastfeeding and the uphold the World Health Organisation’s code for the promotion and support of breastfeeding, it was important to stress that we did not want to encourage women to stop breastfeeding and to start expressing, for the sake of this market research; we wanted women who were already expressing or about to return to work and planning to do so. And so we only approached those women who had already made the decision to express.

Parents Centre’s Position Statement - Breastfeeding 1987

Parents Centre believe that breastfeeding is the best form of infant feeding and will promote this position as breastfeeding has nutritional, immunological and psychological benefits to the infant.

Parents Centre holds the position that it will educate parents to enable them to make an informed decision about infant feeding and support them in their choice.


Here are some of the comments from this trial……

“The cushion is extremely comfortable. I found my letdown occurred quicker (about 30 seconds in, whereas baby only stimulates letdown after 1:20mins).”

“The cushion is very comfortable and cups the breast well and does not allow leakage - holds suction.”

“ It was clear that a decent amount of milk was coming out even though I was sitting in a comfortable position on the couch.”

“Five minutes (120 mls), I was amazed by how easily I could express with this pump, having used several different brands over the course of breastfeeding three children.”

“I was extremely impressed with how fast I was able to express a bottle when using the Avent pump. The stimulation function also helped with milk let down. Although electric it is quiet and discreet, it is also very compacted which makes for easy storing. Ultimately it’s a very well designed breast pump and due to the stimulation feeling so natural I believe by using it, it has also increased my milk supply. Happy Baby = Happy Mum.”

“This is the first manual pump I have used and, with an oversupply, I found it very easy to use while feeding my baby. My baby only currently needs one breast per feed so I often have to express the other side to make sure I don’t end up with one overfull breast. Because you can express leaning back I found it super easy to use, even with one hand.”

“I had a great experience with the electric breast pump. I found it very comfortable it didn’t pull at the breast. The variation of pressure were great depending how full and sensitive I was at each expressing time. Over all I found it to be a great pump and have recommended it to a couple of girlfriends.”

“I really liked how gentle the Manual Philips Avent Pump was. Especially with the massage cushion! It was very easy to use when my baby decided to momentarily drop one of her night feeds!”