About Kiwiparent Magazine

magazine has been New Zealand's leading parenting magazine for six decades.  It's been an exciting journey - from humble beginnings in 1954 as a simple newsletter publication called The Bulletin through to a vibrant, topical magazine focusing on real, modern-day issues relevant to parents today.

Let's face it, parenting is vastly different in the 21st century, and constantly evolving with new international research, ideas and products. But it's not just parenting that is changing, so is the way we access information.  Today's parents are busy and need accessible and reliable sources of parenting information. You will find it here, online in real time and you can be assured that it is the latest and best advice around.

We all know that parenting advice can be conflicting and confusing at times, depending on where you go or who you ask. So cut through the internet noise. Come to us every time as your source of credible, well researched and up to date information and the empathetic support from those who know and understand the challenges and triumphs of parenting.

Kiwiparent and Parents Centre, 6 decades of collective parenting wisdom right here.

What our readers say....

"I just wanted to let you know that you produce a truly fantastic magazine ~ I have 3 children ranging from 14 months to nearly 14 years and have read a fair few baby/family magazines and I believe without a doubt that yours is superior to any other... I absolutely love it's uniqueness, there's something different about it which sets apart from the rest. Quality articles are presented, gorgeous photography and real honest, unpretentiousness! (if there's such a term) and all within a beautifully presented magazine. I really appreciate that parents (your readers) are respected.... that's the feeling I get when I read your magazine anyhow! So thank you so much and keep up the amazingly great work!"  Signed "A ginormous fan!" - A Matthews

"I have been buying numerous magazines for as long as I can remember and pride myself on knowing what are the best ones to buy, especially in a climate where food and petrol costs continually rise…but what a bonus and surprise when I received your latest issue in my mailbox just last week after signing up to the local Parents Centre in Napier.  Now that my one year old is well settled into her daily routines I am able to have more time for myself, and I can actually sit down and enjoy reading magazines rather than flicking through as trying to get through all the daily household chores and looking after a baby, time seems to fade quickly..but  I just had to write in and say what a tremendous publication you have in Kiwiparent and it is awesome all the informative topics that my husband and I both found value in, especially areas we find hard or unsure of.  We both had to agree that we enjoyed relax and recharge and both are in agreement that we are in need of a family holiday.  So congrats on publishing such a helpful guide for us parents, these will be kept and referred to time and time again I am sure." G Kennedy-Diack

"Until recently I had never even heard of Parents Centres and it was only through my sister in the Hawkes Bay that I got to learn about it and also read your fantastic magazine. But what I love, being so interested in our origins and history, was the article passionate about parenting where I got a really informative insight into this organisation that has been around for 60 years, and I think that the services that the Parent Centre provide are invaluable and how lucky are we as parents to have such a supportive group to be aligned with? I hope I will be reading an article like this in another 60 years time when Parents Centre will be celebrating 120 years of service, awesome accomplishment I say." Lizzy Dartley