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Parents Centres New Zealand Inc offer companies the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to employee well-being. Our Corporate Partnership Scheme is a practical way for you to show the value you place on supporting staff as they live, work, and grow with your organisation.

Purchasing a Parents Centre Family Membership for employees expecting a child, shows that you support the EEO Trust Principles and clearly acknowledges the important role your employee is about to undertake ' becoming a parent.

51 Parents Centres throughout New Zealand work locally, to deliver Childbirth Education classes, Parents Education programmes, and a broad variety of support and services for families in their local area.

Parents Centre membership offers the Employer:

  • Credit this initiative to triple bottom line reporting
  • Greater loyalty and low attrition rates - studies show that workplaces supporting the whole employee not just the 9-5 aspect enjoy a substantially lower staff turnover
  • Greater productivity - an employee who is confident and supported as a parent is less stressed and more confident as an employee translating into higher productivity.
  • Benefits compound and can be directly attributed to your EEO policies

Parents Centre benefits to the employee include:

  • Become a part of a community of parents that offers ongoing support and friendship
  • Access to Childbirth Education
  • Parent Education ' including 'return to workforce' sessions
  • Bi-monthly KiwiParent Magazine
  • Local Parents Centre newsletter
  • Store discounts

Parents Centres can offer real value to your staff and organisation. We look forward to exploring this opportunity with you in more detail.

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