Parents Centres New Zealand Membership

It is a top priority for Parents Centres to keep our national membership fees affordable and great value for our members!

The annual membership fee varies slightly between Centres, remaining at around NZ$60. Other classes, such as childbirth (antenatal) education and other parenting programmes will in most instances incur an extra fee on top of this. Check with your local Centre for the membership packages in your area.

For your base membership fee you will receive the following benefits: 

  • Access to a wide variety of discounted local parent education programmes
  • Access to quality childbirth education (antenatal) classes
  • A one year subscription to New Zealand's leading parenting magazine - Kiwiparent (6 issues - $45 value annually)
  • Samples and a wide variety of exclusive discounts and offers through baby and parent suppliers  
  • Discounts at your local Parents Centre events and activities
  • News, information and advice (all based on the very latest research) throughout your pregnancy and the preschool years
  • Monthly newsletters from your local Centre keeping you informed of what is happening for parents in your community
  • Invaluable parental support and friendships through strong networks of parent groups
  • Volunteering opportunities enabling you to make a difference in your local community
  • Opportunities to attend Parents Centre events nationwide and influence policy and decision makers


Membership of Parents Centre provides;

  • Friendship - coffee groups, shared experiences and connecting with other parents
  • Support - networks, resources, expertise and a national voice for the parenting role
  • Equipped knowledge - information, empowerment, life skills and access to ongoing parenting programmes
  • Valuing of the parenting role - opportunities to participate in strengthening communities and respect for the immense value of parenting to our children's future.


How do I become a member or purchase a membership as a gift?

In some Centres your annual membership fee is included as a package along with other parent education services.

To enquire about childbirth (antenatal) education, parent education and membership options available in your location contact your local Centre.