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New Parent Education 

Baby and You  |  Moving and Munching
  Baby and You: 0 - 3 Months
This daytime course consists of five 2-hour sessions:
  • Sleeping & crying
  • Baby Massage
  • Feeding
  • Carseat safety
  • Core strength
  • All about Mum!
Each session is led by a specialist in the field. It is aimed at parents with babies 0 to 3 months but parents-to-be are also welcome and will find the information interesting and useful. The structure of this course is relaxed and informal with time for your questions and a cuppa.
A great opportunity for new parents to meet other parents experiencing the same joys and challenges and for parents-to-be to see what lies ahead!

Course Fee:

$45.00 or $0.00 if you included Baby & You when booking your Antenatal course (saving $30!)


Wednesdays 10am - 12pm

PBY1  16 Jan - 20 Feb *FULL*

PBY2  6 March - 3 April *FULL*

PBY3  24 April - 22 May *FULL*

PBY4  12 June - 10 July *FULL* 

PBY5  31 July - 28 August

PBY6  18 September - 23 October

PBY7  17 October - 14 November (Thursdays)

PBY8 20 November - 18 December

Mondays 10am - 12pm

CBY7 23 November - 21 December (FRIDAYS) *FULL*


CBY1 14 January - 11 February *FULL*

CBY2 25 February - 25 March *FULL*

CBY3 8 April - 13 May (no Session Easter Monday) *FULL*

CBY4 27 May - 1 July (No class Queens Birthday) *FULL*

CBY5 15 July - 12 August *FULL*

CBY6 26 August - 23 September

CBY7 20 Septeber - 18 October (FRIDAYS)

CBY8 15 November - 13 December

**Spaces in full classes may open up closer to the start of the course. Please email to be added to the wait list.**

To book a Baby & You course click here.

Moving and Munching: 4 - 9 Months

Two fun and informative sessions for Parents of babies 4 - 9 months old.
MOVING: Learn how babies learn through play and age appropriate toys, rolling and crawling, the development of language and senses and how you can stimulate this.
MUNCHING: introducing solids, texture stages, weaning, good nutrition and food habits.
The structure of this course is relaxed and informal with time for your questions and a cuppa.

Course Fee:




Fridays 10am - 12pm


PMM2  29 March & 5 April
PMM3  31 May & 7 June
PMM4  Thurs 1 Aug & 8 Aug 
PMM5  Thurs 10 Oct & Fri 18 Oct
PMM6  Thurs 5 Dec & 12 Dec 

Wednesdays 10am - 12pm


CMM2 - 01 May & 8 May *FULL*
CMM3 - 26 Jun & 3 July
CMM4 - 11 Sep & 18 Sep
CMM5 - 27 Nov & 4 Dec


For classes that are full please enquire about waitlist by emailing 

To book a Moving & Munching Class click here.

Information and ideas on catering for 9month olds - 2 year olds, with our awesome Dietician Hayley Blair!

Friday November 9th 10:30am - 12pm *FULL* stay tuned for 2019 sessions!
The Village Papanui, 460 Papanui Rd 

To book click here

Conscious Parenting Courses

Parenting with Purpose
This programme has been created to encourage parents/caregivers and key support people to look at how they parent,  where they learnt their parenting skills and are they the most productive skills to use when raising children.  It is a six module programme.
Course Dates run based on demand:  Contact

Magic Moments

Focuses on using non-physical ways of discipline, and encourages parents and caregivers to build strong and caring relationships with their children, while giving clear boundaries.  It is a three module programme.
Course Dates run based on demand:   Contact
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