Early Pregnancy Programme

Specially tailored for your 12th to 24th week of pregnancy

This programme is the first step in your parenting journey with Parents Centre!

Topics covered:

  • Understanding your rights as a health consumer
  • Pregnancy screening tests and scans
  • Your developing baby
  • Baby's brain development
  • Healthy mum, healthy baby, healthy family
  • Dad's and partners
  • Relaxation
  • Maternity and paid parental leave
  • What to buy
  • What sort of parent do you want to become?

 Childbirth and Early Parenting Programme (Antenatal)

What is a Childbirth and Early Parenting Programme?

What you need to know about childbirth education.

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Childbirth and Early Parenting course outline

Find information on what essential topics will be covered and the details of the programme.

Course outline

Additional courses

Some of our Centres offer other supplementary courses along with the standard Childbirth Education classes. All of our Centres offer a range of parenting courses as you begin your journey into parenthood.

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While you do not need to attend Childbirth Education classes until around 26 weeks into your pregnancy, many classes fill up quickly so it is essential to book in early - it's never too early to book! By doing so you will become a member of your local Parents Centre and be able to take advantage of the benefits that brings - including issues of New Zealand's leading parenting magazine, Kiwiparent, and discounts at local retailers and local events.  Contact a Centre near you to enrol in a Childbirth Education class.