Childbirth Education Careers with Parents Centres New Zealand

Are you a qualified Childbirth Educator? Do you want the best opportunities to enhance your career?

Since 1952 Parents Centres have been the leading provider of childbirth education, parent education and support services to New Zealand parents ' and we are passionate about the importance of quality education to childbirth and parenting.

Our expertly facilitated Childbirth Education Classes are in high demand across the country. We offer real employment opportunities and a clear career path for New Zealand's professional Childbirth Educators including;

  • contracted positions
  • supported and sponsored professional development
  • secure contracts
  • established and highly respected programmes
  • history and integrity
  • stability
  • robust internal processes
  • support from a National Support Centre in Wellington
  • real career paths
  • opportunities for input at a national level to be on advisory groups and boards
  • opportunities to work at a national level on projects advocating for parents and families

 To enquire about career opportunities, please email us at

What our childbirth educators say:

'I have been teaching since 2001 and I still feel very honoured to be working for Parents Centre and be part of the very special and intimate time in parent's lives.

I'm now employed by Aoraki Polytechnic as a supervisor for trainee Childbirth Educators, a facilitator of the 5-day workshop and marker of childbirth education assignments. As well as this I work at Parents Centre's National Support Centre as a Project and Funding Administrator and have been appointed to the Childbirth Educators Advisory Group and Parents Centres/Aoraki Advisory Group.

The opportunities haven't stopped there! For the past 2 years I've had the honour of facilitating the delivery of Parents Centres parenting programmes in prisons. This has been a fantastic journey, full of challenges and an unbelievable sense of job satisfaction.

It has always amazed me how a tiny seed of interest in childbirth education from my own experience in antenatal classes, all those years ago, has grown to become an all-encompassing career which I love.'

Liz Pearce, Parents Centre Childbirth Educator Manager, Wellington


'I have been involved with Parents Centre for over 20 years, being drawn to the organisation by its fascinating role in the history of maternal health in New Zealand, especially such key achievements as lobbying for parents to be able to stay with their sick infants and children in hospital (something we take for granted now), as well as providing women with the information they needed to truly
participate in their own birthing experiences at a time when 'Doctor' knew best. Being part of a long established and nationally recognised organisation is a bonus while at the same time I love that each Centre is operated by an ever-evolving group of parent volunteers who are in touch with their local community's wants and needs.'

Bronwyn Sweeney, Childbirth Educator, Wellington


'I'm a big fan of Parents Centre and that definitely keeps me involved. Parents Centre ticks all the boxes and the National Organisation provides so much guidance. My job fits in very well with my family life with 4 small children as I leave for work around 6pm and come home around 9.30pm.'

Charlie Saunders, Parents Centre Childbirth Educator, Auckland


"I have loved being involved with Parents Centre since I completed my own Childbirth Education classes in 2007. As a CBE there was never any doubt that I wanted to facilitate classes for them. They have a wonderful team of volunteers all over the country and there is great support and encouragement from the National Office. They are committed to quality childbirth education and provide opportunities for growth and development within the organisation. Through being a Parents Centre Childbirth Educator I have been able to enhance my skills and grow my CBE networks."

Nicola Mapletoft, Parents Centre Childbirth Educator, Auckland.