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Does it feel like your brain has atrophied in the environment of nappies and nursery rhymes?  Do you want to do some home-based voluntary work to keep those grey-cells working?

As a volunteer, we can give you an opportunity to be involved in events management, fundraising, leadership, communications and administration. You can give as much or as little of your time as works for you; a few hours a month in the comfort of your own home is great!  And our roles are flexible so you have the opportunity to make of it what you want to and fit the role around your life.

Check out our  current opportunities!  Or meet our  current Committee. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator on for details.

'She believed she could, so she did.'  

100% Volunteers

Central Auckland Parents Centre is run solely by volunteer parents; Mums and Dads who want to help other parents in their community. As parents ourselves, we understand that parenting is a very important job yet the thought of raising our children can be bewildering. That's why we're committed in the ongoing education of parents and offer courses that can help them raise happier and healthier children.

If you had fun at one of our courses, you can help us continue sharing this experience by volunteering. You can wait until you have settled into your new life as a parent or get involved before your baby arrives. Either way, we need volunteers just like you!

Can You Meet Once a Month?  All we ask our volunteers in turn is to meet us every second Monday of the month. Because we're all based at home, it's important that we meet up so that we're all updated with what everyone's doing and maintain a sense of working as a team.

The CAPC Volunteer Promise

You can choose how you would like to get involved based on the time, skills and energy you have available. Our roles are designed to be fitted in amongst your life's commitments.

We can match you to a role similar to your previous or current work experience. Or if you want to learn a new skill, we can mentor you in a new role.

Parents Centre volunteers also get special committee only benefits:
  • Free entry to Parent Education courses and Special Interest sessions.
  • Free hire of items in our lending library, including cake tins, parenting DVDs and TENS machines.
  • Reduced membership fee.
  • Cost price on products we sell.
  • An opportunity to write an article for the newsletter and have your child on the cover of the newsletter once a year.
  • Social events including movie nights, Christmas dinner and Mothers' Day brunch.
  • An avenue for maintaining your skills while out of the workforce, and we can be a referee when returning to paid work.
  • Support from other volunteers who understand your volunteer role, and a regular one-on-one with the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Free professional development workshops, including transport and accommodation for out of town events.
  • Satisfaction and personal development through volunteering!

Current Opportunities

We have lots of opportunities for you to use the skills you have, or learn new ones in a supportive environment.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator on to discuss these roles or anything else you'd like to look into.

Volunteer Coordinator
Love people? Want to get experience as a recruitment professional? Your main role is to ensure that the interests of Volunteers are met and that CAPC remains well-staffed. You get to match volunteers with an opportunity that suits their skill set or interests, and ensure Volunteers feel comfortable in their roles and fully understand their responsibilities. This role is available now.

Antenatal Host
The "mothers" (or "fathers!") to our future mothers and fathers. The host sets up the venue for the antenatal class, kicks off coffee group, and generally makes our newest members feel welcome.  We have a Tuesday evening role available from August.

"You Decide" Secretary
We need a Secretary and you decide how far you want to take this role.

Option 1 is a Meeting Secretary where you administer Committee meetings so that Committee members are up-to-date with the progress of our fantastic organisation.  Best of all, Committee meetings only occur once a month, so it's little work with big outcomes for our new Secretary!

Option 2 allows you to step up to be part of the Centre's Executive Team and steer the role as far as you would like to go.

This role is available now.

Membership Secretary
With memberships that need to be renewed annually, this role ensures uninterrupted continuation of member benefits. Our members will love you! You will need room to store a printer (we'll provide this) that you use for printing labels for the bi-monthly mailout. And you will be emailing out membership renewal information. This role is available now.

Parent Education Coordinator
Help our members continue their parent education once their babies arrive. From Baby & You through to one off sessions, you get to interact with all our speakers, plan the annual course calendar, and introduce new courses to meet our members' evolving needs. This role is available now.

Web Site Administrator
A multi faceted role that enables you to put you creative flair to use, or simply make sure current and prospective members have the information they need at their fingertips. This role maintains this web site and manages our email hosting. This role is available now.

Events & Fundraising Coordinator
Do you love organising events? Are you the creative life of your social group? Channel your energy into the events and fundraising initiatives CAPC runs each year. Plus use your creative skills to come up with new fun activities for our Committee and Members. This role is available now.

Grants Coordinator

We rely on grants to keep the Centre running and the Grants Coordinator submits our applications for grants funding (about one a month). We need someone who can use a computer, not a fundraising whiz, so no prior experience needed. This role is available now.

Distribution Coordinator

An important role with a light time commitment; making sure our members receive their Kiwiparent magazine every two months. Our members will love you for this. This role is available now.

Advertising Coordinator

Our advertisers are the ones who enable us to keep producing the high quality "Parent Talk" newsletter. In this role you liaise with each advertiser to collect copy for the newsletter and ensure all advertisers have the opportunity to keep their advertising current. While currently an administration role, there is scope to turn this into a sales role if that's what floats your boat. This role is available now.

Lending Coordinator

The perfect role for a full time parent as people come to you! You look after the hire of all the items in our rental library, including the TENS machines that our pregnant Mums love to use during labour. This role is available now.

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