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Wendy Perera: Child Development

Wendy presents latest thinking and current research to professionals working within the Early Childhood sector.  Her field of expertise is the core curriculum areas of literacy and numeracy.  Teeny Tiny has been contracted on an ongoing basis to provide parenting workshops on child development to New Zealand families since 2007.  A current focus is on developing an extensive collection of exceptional early childhood resources.  Particularly those that stimulate and strengthen the areas of literacy, numeracy and problem solving.  Wendy is widely read on literacy practices, practical learning experiences and environmental settings.

Trish Martin: Sleeping & Feeding for Newborns

Trish is a mother. She is also a Baby Coach in New Zealand with experience to help you to find the solutions to your baby's needs.  Trish has three children. Two have turned into teenage boys (16, 14) and one is still a little girl (7). 

Trish graduated in 1989 as Registered Nurse and has worked in antenatal and postnatal wards including a Special Care Baby Unit. Trish's work experiences also include general surgery, paediatrics, working as a Plunket Nurse, designing fitness routines for new mums and providing relaxation massage for both mums and babies. 

Trish is passionate about babies and the exciting (yet challenging) journey of becoming a new parent. Trish's strengths in creating good routines, establishing healthy sleep and feeding schedules for new babies have become her destiny. Trish looks forward to meeting you and your baby and to helping you to find the best solutions and strategies for your parenting challenges.

Laura Moreley: Toilet Training, Timeout & Tantrums

Laura Morley is a mother of three children under 5.  She is a primary school teacher and an activity leader in the Wriggle and Rhyme programme. Through her Super Kid Supplies business she sells nappies and delivers her well respected toilet training seminars throughout Auckland.

Eileen Joy: Conscious Parenting

Eileen is the mother of two children and is married to an amazing partner who helps her along the way, and her him. They have our moments, as all families do, and they don't ever pretend to be perfect! Eileen believes that this parenting 'thing' is a journey, not a destination.

Eileen came to parenting education, to family coaching, through many different pathways. All through her life she has had an active and passionate interest in social justice issues.

Eileen's experience as a Family Coach is drawn from her research, her own experience, and years of working with parents.

Kate Syers: Nutrition

Kate graduated as a Dietitian in 2000, since then she has worked in a number of areas, diabetes, health promotion, food service, childhood nutrition and eating disorders to name a few.

She spent eight years of her early career as a Dietitian working in England, most of that time working freelance.   In 2009 she returned to NZ from England to have her first child, daughter Frankie now 5, followed by son Gunnar in 2012.

Since returning to NZ she has continued with her passion for childhood nutrition and now continues to work in this area as well as other freelance activities in food service dietetics and lecturing.   She enjoys working with Parents Centre to help new parents receive quality evidence based nutrition for early years.

Miranda Young: Fitting First Shoes

Miranda is the mother of a six year old and has been interested in foot health since she be-friended a podiatrist at University (the first time she went to Uni!)

Miranda is fortunate to be able to tap into the knowledge and experience of two renowned podiatrists (one the Chair of the Australia/New Zealand Podiatry Council) and the founder of Two Little Feet to deliver the "Fitting First Shoes" presentation at our Tinies to Tots course.  It would be great if podiatry became a redundant profession!

Miranda will even bring along her (now school age) son's entire shoe collection for you to check out and ask questions about. As she'll explain, there is a reason this collection fits easily into a photocopy paper box.

Sarah Smith: Massage

Sarah has been teaching Baby Massage since training with the International Association of Infant Massage in 2007 under Peggy Dawson.

Sarah gets great satisfaction from seeing the enjoyment parents and babies get from learning the massage together, and how it helps parents bond with their babies and help them with gas, colic, relaxation, sleep, and physical and emotional development.

Sarah is currently training as a Craniosacral Therapist specialising in helping babies with birth trauma and other issues, which is an effective and interesting complement to her baby massage work.

Diana Kane: Understanding and Managing Life Changes with a New Baby

Diana Kane is a registered Clinical Psychologist and a full member of the NZ College of Clinical Psychologists.

Diana worked as a consultant clinical psychologist and service manager for child and adolescent mental health services in Wellington before moving to Vancouver, Canada where she worked for Vancouver Coastal Health in a strategic planning role.  Since returning to New Zealand, Diana has worked as a project manager in the mental health field for the northern region district health boards. 

With a clinical background in maternal, infant and adolescent mental health, Diana continues to be involved in numerous projects relating to this particular area of expertise. Involved with the Central Auckland Parents Centre since 2008, including being past President, Diana believes passionately about educating and supporting our parents to be the best they can be. She is mother to two wonderful children.

The Sleep Store: Sleeping Routines for Older Babies

The Sleep Store was established in 2006 as a one stop shop for tired parents. Their aim is to provide solutions to calm crying, settle newborn babies, and help babies and toddlers sleep through the night.

They also believe that many parents are suffering unnecessary sleep deprivation, with older babies and toddlers who are not sleeping through the night. Night-waking can usually be solved in less than a week, and the whole family will really benefit from a full night's sleep. Recent research has shown that 50% of post-natal depression cases could be resolved if mum gets a full night sleep, as sleep deprivation is so closely linked to depression. So there is a very compelling reason for teaching babies to sleep as soon as possible.

The Sleep Store is owned by Louise Tanguay and Matt Anderson, Auckland parents of Jack (11) and Tom (8), and Ben (6) and Eddie (born Oct 2010).

Rebekah Pilkington: Physio
Rebekah Pilkington is a registered physiotherapist and mum to two young girls.

Rebekah's background is in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, therapeutic massage and clinical Pilates. Throughout her clinical practice and journey as a mum, she has developed a keen interest in post natal rehabilitation.

Rebekah is passionate about delivering advice on post natal exercise and care using a combination of the latest clinical research and tips she has picked up along the way.

Little Beat: CPR and First Aid

Little Beat was set up by Emma Taylor and Amber Uren, friends through surf lifesaving. Combined Emma and Amber have spent over 36 years patrolling beaches throughout New Zealand and overseas and over that time have become extensively trained in First Aid. 

As a paramedic, Emma found the amount and nature of baby callouts heartbreaking. However it wasn't until they both became mothers that they understood the difficulties new parents face when it comes to learning and refreshing the vital life saving skills of resuscitation and first aid. With this realisation came the idea to combine their years of first aid training to provide a convenient but essential first aid course to equip new parents, grandparents and carers with the essentials to know what to do if the unthinkable happened.

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