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Antenatal Course Overview

Our Antenatal course includes  childbirth education and  practical parenting elements, as well as a  coffee (new parent support) group.
You can book an Antenatal course as soon as you are ready to do so, and we often run fully booked so booking early is recommended.  You are usually around 30 weeks pregnant when you start this course.

The childbirth education elements are facilitated by one of our professionally trained childbirth educators, all of whom are mothers to multiple children.  We aim to provide a balanced approach to childbirth education and advocate active birth, one in which both parents are actively involved, are informed, are physically and mentally prepared, and are making decisions for themselves.

Practical parenting elements are incorporated throughout the Antenatal course, and a coffee group is set up at the end of the course.

Antenatal courses generally run on week nights from 6.45 pm to 9.15 pm, over 6 sessions.  We also schedule 2 day intensive weekend courses when demand arises.

We usually run our antenatal course at Athol Syms Hall, 11 Griffin Ave, Epsom.

Course start dates confirmed for 2018 are:

• 9 January
• 20 January (Weekend Intensive)
• 24 January
• 20 February
• 7 March
• 3 April
• 18 April
• 15 May
• 30 May
• 26 June
• 11 July
• 7 August
• 22 August
• 18 September
• 3 October
• 30 October
• 14 November

Course start dates confirmed for 2019 are:

• 8 January
• 19 January (Weekend Intensive)
• 23 January
• 19 February
• 6 March
• 2 April
• 17 April
• 14 May
• 29 May
• 25 June

The course you are booked on depends on your due date.  We will confirm your course time, start date and location when you book your place.

There are several pricing options available to meet your needs and budget.

You can book a course by contacting our Course Bookings Officer on  We endeavour to respond to emails within three days; sometimes we need to be parents more than volunteers so if it takes a bit longer please bear with us.

Childbirth Education

The childbirth education elements offer expectant parents:
  • Labour signs and stages
  • Pain relief options
  • Importance of partner support and options for partner support
  • Birth process and birth video (on request)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn tests
  • Emotional changes and postnatal depression
  • A discussion panel with parents of newborn babies (where possible)
  • Men's only session encouraging fathers to take an active supporting role (where possible)

Practical Parenting

The practical parenting elements of your Antenatal course include:
  • Safe sleeping and bed making (no hospital corners involved!)
  • Safe bathing (making bath time the highlight of the day)
  • Car seats (getting out and about without concern)
  • Winding, swaddling and settling baby (happy baby = happy parents)
  • Clothing and nappies (being a parent does not mean the end of style!)
     Plus course participants receive a free Huggies pack and samples from Avent.

New Parent Support (Coffee) Group

Your Antenatal course includes establishment of a new parent support (coffee) group.  The support group continues on from the course and plays a vital role in helping with the changes a baby inevitably brings.

Course Pricing

We have a selection of options to meet your needs and budget.
Our Committee Members receive free enrolment on any of our courses.  See more about volunteering with us!
Package 1: The Core Elements
Cost: $280
  • Antenatal course (childbirth education and practical parenting)
  • Baby & You course
  • Coffee (new parent support) group
  • 1 year Parents Centre membership
Package 2: The Core Elements plus extended membership
Cost: $345
  • Antenatal course (childbirth education and practical parenting)
  • Baby & You course
  • Coffee (new parent support) group
  • Additional year of Parents Centre membership (2 year Parents Centre membership)
Package 3: The Full Package
Cost: $315
  • Antenatal course (childbirth education and practical parenting)
  • Baby & You course
  • Moving & Munching course
  • Coffee (new parent support) group
  • 1 year Parents Centre membership

Antenatal Course Resources

In addition to information given out at the course, you have access to a large range of other resources on childbirth education and practical parenting topics.
There is also a regular talk on epidurals at National Women's (Auckland) Hospital that books out quickly. Details on how to register your place are on the Health Point web site:
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