Parents Centre New Zealand Inc endorses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (1971) which proclaims that all of the human family with distinction of any kind, have equal and inalienable rights of human dignity and freedom to education and training to enable development of their abilities to their fullest potential.

Parents Centre New Zealand Inc. is commited to biculturalism and ensorses the principle inherent in the Treaty of Waitangi.  Parents Centres is also committed to multi culturalism and the integration of all cultures irrespective of ethnicity and religion into our society as parents and families.   We respect and celebrate diversity and are happy and willing to share with all visitors and new residents to our country how parent and what our parenting philosophy's are.

The philosophy underlying Parents Centre's policy devleopment, programme delivery, leadership processes, advocacy manifesto and development of strategy and resulting strategic plan is based on the following principles:

  1. Parenting is a vital role in the community and it should be recognised, valued and supported by decision-makers, authorities, health and education professionals and the community in general.

  2. Parenting is a lifetime commitment, which deserves the same recognition as any other career option available in the community.

  3. As with any career, job, role in life, parenting and paretns require support and education to do so effectively and in the best interests of sustainable and resilient families.

  4. Parents Centres supports the Moeamoea created by the Family Services National Advisory Committee and sees this as one of the important visions for parenting and families in New Zealand..

  5. Prospective parents, parents and families have the right to quality parenting and childbirth education and information, enabling them to make informed decisions on their parenting role

  6. Parents Centres is an advocate of informed decision making and facilitates all education, information and principle in this light; supporting parents to make the best decision for their family.

  7. Birth is a significant life event and a normal physiological process.  Enhancing the knowledge, skills and self-awareness of expectant parents contributes to a positive and affirming pregnancy and birth experience.

  8. Chidlbirth education, provided by trained and qualified educators, can lead to personal growth, enhance birth experiences and enrich family life.

  9. Parent education and support provided by parents for parents is an integral part of Parents Centre

  10. Participatory learning principles and technique are the most effective method of adult education.

  11. Breastfeeding is the ideal form of infant feeding.

  12.  Participating as a volunteer worker in Parents Centre contributes to the self-development and personal fulfillment.

  13. Awareness and understanding of other cultures within New Zealand society encourages respect for and acceptance of cultural diversity.

  14. Children are to be respected and valued.  They have the right to an environment in which their development is nurtured and their wellbeing protected and promoted.

  15. Increased knowlege and understanding of fertility is crucial in helping individuals and couples to achieve or to avoid pregnancy.

  16. Parents Centres promotes and supports a safe environment for children free of exposure to any type of violence.

  17. Children benefit from the best possible start in life and Parents Centres believes that paid parental leave for 12 months assists in achieving this.

  18. Good mental health reflects on how children are parented and as such Parents Centres believes that publicly funded maternal mental health services are immediately available to families who have a need.

  19. Parents Centres believe in sensitive, responsive parenting throughout all stages of a child's life. Children parented in this way form secure attachments and enjoy better mental and physical health.  Parents Centres endorses flexible feeding/or sleeping routines that are responsive to babies and family's needs.

  20. Parents Centres believes that to build and inclusive and safe New Zealand, the principle focus of the criminal justice sytsme shoudl be on restorative justice.  It should punish and incarerate those offenders whom it is truly necessary to remove from the community but recongise that effective justice which contributes to a safer New Zealand should empahsise rehabilitation and reintegration.

  21. Parents Centres believes that parenting is everything and great parents grow great children.

  22. Parents Centres is founded on the premise of parents supporting parents in the community and centres supporting centres to build effective parenting communities that help make our families sustainable and resilient and are in the best interests of whanau in Aotearoa New Zealand.