About Us


Parents Centres New Zealand Inc has a network of 46 Centres nationwide. Established in 1952, today we are the largest provider of childbirth and parent education in the country.

But we offer so much more than education programmes! We also offer crucial support networks at a time when you need it most; throughout the exciting yet uncertain months of pregnancy and the early months and years of becoming a parent. 

Parent Support

Our 46 Centres deliver support to parents at all stages throughout the postnatal and antenatal periods. Examples of support include: childbirth; breastfeeding; child development; infant sleep; infant feeding; toy libraries; playgroups; crèches; special needs; SUDI (or sudden unexpected death); teenage parents; miscarriage support.

Parent Education

Our education programmes begin with antenatal and childbirth education; moving after birth into several parent education programmes focusing on all aspects of baby and toddler care through to our renowned conscious parenting programmes, consciously looking into effective ways of parenting. All of our programmes are based on creating an environment where children will thrive and a critical component of this is the attachments and relationships developed between parents/caregivers and their baby through the early months and years.

As we are the largest provider of childbirth support and education in New Zealand we are particularly aware of the need to keep up with the very latest in research and to deliver timely antenatal and postnatal support to parents. We have one of the largest volunteer networks in the country, with teams working locally meeting their particular community's needs.

Our history is long and proud. The very first Parents Centre was established in 1952 due to increasing demand to improve on what were strict and rigid birthing practices for women coupled with inadequate antenatal and postnatal care for parents. We have over 65 years of experience in working with parents and today have family touchpoints in excess of 220,000 times per annum!

Parents Centres New Zealand Inc is operated from a dedicated National Support Centre in Mana, Wellington, supporting thousands of volunteers around the country who deliver Parents Centre programmes and support services nationally.

Our 120 Childbirth Educators are skilled facilitators who are certificated through Aoraki Polytechnic to diploma level (this diploma is a joint initiative operated by Parents Centres New Zealand Inc in conjunction with Aoraki Polytechnic).


Our vision

New Zealand society values parenting as being fundamental to the well being of all.

Our mission

Positive birth experiences and informed parenting in a community where parents are supported and highly valued in their role.


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