Yulia - Ambassador of Parents Centres

We are delighted to announce that musical celebrity Yulia has been appointed as an ambassador to Parents Centres New Zealand.

Yulia is expecting her first child, to be born in the spring, and she will be attending the full range of Parents Centres childbirth and parent education programmes, along with her husband and manager Glyn MacLean.

Readers of Parents Centres iconic magazine, Kiwiparent, will be lucky to share in Yulia's personal pregnancy and early parenting journey through ongoing columns in the coming months ahead. Read our introductory story of Yulia (appearing in the current edition of Kiwiparent) here - Yulia story Click to Download Reader.

We wish Yulia and Glyn all the best for the exciting months ahead and hope that they enjoy the knowledge, support and friendships they will gain through Parents Centres New Zealand!



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