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ANNUAL REPORT March 2016 ' March 2017



Welcome to the annual report for Waitemata Parents Centre for the 2016 ' 2017 year.  It has been another great year for our centre and again I'm really happy that we continue to have a brilliant Committee which has ensured that we run smoothly.  We have had a few changes to our committee roles this year but the handover of roles has gone well and our new members have been really great.  I can't say it enough but again I'm so happy to be part of such a strong committee and working with a great bunch of ladies.

This financial year we increased our fees from $245 to $270.  It has been approximately 7 years since our fees were last increased so this additional $25 per couple has been a help in covering our centre's increased costs like head office fees, insurance and general expenses.

The Grants that we receive over this year again have been a huge help and if you have a look at our final profit/loss amounts you will see the huge importance it is for our centre to continue getting Grants.

We celebrated our 100th Newsletter issue this year and put together 5 great prize packs with lots of sponsored giveaways.  There were some really happy new mums who received these just before Christmas.

We continue to offer the 11 Antenatal classes per year and this is still working well for our centre.  We are not looking at increasing these class numbers but we have this year said that we are happy to increase our couples per class from 12 to a maximum of 15.  This came with the consent of our CBE Nikki. This increase also means that when we have classes with lower numbers it is made up for it with these filler classes.  Due to North Shore Hospital not running the free Antenatal classes any more the interest to attend the Parent Centre classes has increased greatly on the North Shore.   Having small classes of under 10 couples has been very rare over the last 6 months.

Again, we have been extremely lucky having our brilliant Antenatal Teacher, Nikki Powell.  Over this last year we have had a few times that Nikki was not able to take the classes but she more then stepped up and organized her own replacement tutor for those days.  As Nikki is a top CBE for the Parents Centre, Head office has several times in the last year sent her to Sydney to sit in on Johnson and Johnson events.  Nikki continues to fully support our centre which is great for us and she has indicated that she will continue with us next year as well.  

Our most challenging change this year has been our new database which has kept Dani on her toes.  It hasn't been a changeover anywhere near as smooth as head office had anticipated and it has taken a while to get it all sorted.

We again had a few lunch/brunches with our committee members to thank them for the work that they do with us.  These are always fun as we get to talk about non-work related things and get to know each other a lot more.  Currently we have three out of area committee members who are based in Red Beach, Tauranga, and Sydney.  None to date have asked to step down and they have continued to do really great jobs for us. 

A huge thanks to everyone once again for your support over this last financial year and I have no doubt that we will have another great year.

Committee Assistant 

Lorna Cameron has just taken over this role recently. The role is responsible for managing the voicemail service for the Waitemata Parents Centre through the 2Talk message provider, and ensuring all messages are delegated to the correct committee member for action/response.

Call volumes are generally quite low, rarely exceeding 10 per month, and the majority of calls relate to class timetables and bookings.


Gina Ng has been the Grants Officer since January 2015.

We had another successful year with receiving grant funding to cover the running costs for a number of our centre's core services.  In December 2016, we received $5,000 from the Lion Foundation to cover the host fees, tutors fees and room hire for our post-natal 'Baby and You' classes for the 2017 year.  In February 2017, we received $5,000 from Pub Charity Limited to cover the costs of our Child Birth Educators (CBEs).  This is a service delivery to cover 11 courses in 2017.  In March 2017, we received $2,475 from Four Winds Foundation to cover six months room hire (April to September 2017) at St John's Takapuna to run our antenatal classes for new parents in the community. 
During the year, our centre also applied for non-monetary grants and received 300 DLE pre-paid envelopes from NZ Post and free coffee vouchers from The Coffee Club for our antenatal classes first coffee group catch ups. These grants have ensured that our centre is in a very comfortable position financially and this ensures that we get what is required for our centre to run with the latest equipment and information.

AGM Financial Report for 2015/16

As Treasurer I would like to share the Annual Year End Financials:

During the period 2016/17, Waitemata Parents Centre had a revenue of $58,090   ($25,289 from Course Fees including National Levy's;  $14,520 Subscription Income;   $13,275 from Grants and fundraising;  $356 Interest;  $4649 from other revenue)   and an expenditure of $56,363.

The overall result was a profit of $1,726. 

Our Bank Accounts Balances as at 31st March 2016 were $58,447.

We received grants from Four Winds, Lion Foundation, Pub Charity.  Thanks to Gina Ng for her work with the Grants. 

A copy of the Financial Report is attached.  Accountant Kellie Reid has reviewed the Financial Report for this year and has confirmed them as correct.

Judy Cameron
31st May 2017


Dani Briscoe has been in this role since January 2014.  

Waitemata Parents Centre currently has 163 members.  Approximately.

April 2017 saw the launch of the long awaited new database.  It had its share of initial hiccups and the migration did not go smoothly.  Over half of our members were lost and Head Office had to search through members loaded into the new system but that had not been allocated to a centre to find them.  I am not yet a fan.

Entering members is still laborious.  Initially 'Dads' were required to have membership details duplicated; previously this was only added in once to the membership.  Each parent gets their own ID number.  Head Office have assured us that only one levy will be charged rather than a levy for each person entered into the database.

The mandatory fields have changed since launch and only the name, ethnicity (still same old awful choice there though) and address are mandatory.  Membership fields are no longer mandatory which I think might be a step backwards.

The reports have potential but due to how the data has been migrated it's difficult to get a list of members as all the Dads are listed almost doubling our numbers unintentionally.

Last year I reported on number of members and projected members for 2016.  Currently I don't have access to archived members so can't confirm what our numbers for 2016 were finally, but 2017 is current (just tried to get member start date in from the reports and that doesn't seem to be part of the migrated data.  Aarrrgh.).  At five classes held in 2017 we are at 71 members (I think), compared to 66 at the same point in 2016.

Year #Members Year #Members
2010 90 2014 149
211 114 2015 128
2012 104 May 2016 66
2013 132 May 2017 71

Last years' AGM report for Membership projected a 2016 membership of 145 joining in 2016 (at an average of 13 per class).  The rest of 2016 saw many classes fill to 15.  Potential reasons for this increase had been discussed at prior meetings and include the cessation of 'free' classes provided by the local DHBs having a likely impact.  Many classes in 2017 have continued to run at capacity.

A two year membership is rare, out of the current 163 members only 7 opted for 2 years.

Online Platforms (Facebook and Website)

Kate Drennan has been managing this role since 2011. 

Several committee members assist with content for the Facebook page, adding humourous links, educational resources, community news, other Parent Centres' events and fundraisers, and strategic partner information and special offers. This regular activity ensures ongoing engagement by members (through interaction and sharing posts) and thus, a wider reach for our centre through their Facebook feeds.

The website is mainly accessed for Antenatal information, though the entire site is kept current. The mobile device incompatible platform is probably affecting traffic. We are starting to get more enquiries for Antenatal via phone which may reflect this.

Bookings Officer

Kate Drennan has been managing this role since 2015.

Classes have been busy with only 3 classes over the last year (April 2016 to March 2017) not being full or over-subscribed. The other centres in the hub (Onewa and Bays North) have a huge impact on how full our classes are. As do the DHB classes.  If one centre in the hub fills their class then there is a roll on effect to the other centres in the area. It is not unusual for these local centres to collaborate on who has space available over the particularly busy months to try and find all expecting parents a place on a course. Overall, for the last year, we have had a 100% average Antenatal class subscription rate (based on 12 places per class but allowing for up to 15 couples where required). This is up from an average subscription rate of 94% on the previous year. 


Class Number Member Number % Subscribed*
0416 12 100%
0516 15 125%
0616 8 67%
0716 6 50%
0816 13 108%
0916 10 83%
1016 14 117%
1116 14 117%
0117 15 125%
0217 15 125%
0317 15 125%
Average Class Size 12 100%

*Note that some classes are oversubscribed as our standard class size is 12 but we will book up to 15 if required.

Moving and Munching Bookings

Sarah Robson who is the key bookings officer (with help from Julie Walker) has managed the booking officer's role for the Moving and Munching for this past year.   The classes have been consistently full with a big push closer to the class dates by personally emailing members with babies that would be the appropriate age and also promoting it on Facebook.  Naomi has also been a huge help by pushing the bookings of these classes at her Baby and You classes.  We only run four of these classes a year and believe this is more than enough for our centre to run.  If we run more we may not get the numbers that we need to fill them.  Those attending the classes have given us some very positive feedback at the end of the sessions which is always great to see.

Moving and Munching Hosts

Julie continues to host the 4 moving and munching classes that we run at the Sunnynook Committee Centre in February, May, August and November.   We have had full classes for this two day session that is run on Thursday mornings.  We have had full or close to full classes for each session completed so this ensures that we cover all our costs and make a small profit.  Wendy and Pricilla continue as our tutors for these classes.  We give Huggies swimming nappies and pull ups out to these members that attend as well as Wattie's first food sheets. 

We will continue with the four sessions next year as I believe if these numbers were increased we might struggle to get the full classes.  We take a max of 12 for this class.

Antenatal Convenor role

Annie reports everything is going well in this role, often receiving really positive email feedback about the course and course instructor which is great.

Sample ordering going well too, although last year order cut off dates used to be listed on the one document received from head office but this year these dates aren't always similar each order period or known in advance for all samples so order cut off dates are now notified via our main email address and the Facebook page, and the document is no longer relevant - although there is a useful calendar on CRIB which includes cut off dates for some of the samples.  

Thanks Kate for sending on any relevant emails received and Julie for keeping an eye on the Facebook page for me too.  This is important as this year it's also changed in that for most samples if we don't update the order request we're no longer automatically sent the totals of samples we'd entered in the previous order period (like we were last year - it just rolled over) so now if we miss entering by cut off we'd end up with nothing and have to wait until the next order period.

Also I moved to Tauranga a few weeks ago but I'm more than happy to continue with this role from here. Thanks also to Julie and Naomi for agreeing to take on the collating and sending of class feedback forms to head office, as this made more sense rather than sending to me in Tauranga to read and then send on.

Antenatal Hosting

Julie and Naomi have been Hosting the Antenatal classes for this past year as a joint role.  Tuesday night classes are hosted by Julie and Thursday and weekend classes are hosted by Naomi.

We have as a team have fine-tuned what we do with the class.  We have removed the hand out of welcome packs as we felt the information that we were giving out was not of huge benefit but did still have some of the brochures on display for the new members to take if they so wish.   

Huggies have advised that they are happy for us to give out extra Huggies products so Nikki now does random Huggies give-aways in the classes at appropriate times.  

It was decided also that as Nikki is our only CBE and she works often two nights a week for our centre that we would help her out by running our classes over 6 nights and not the 7 we currently do. We will however start the classes a bit earlier to ensure all information is covered.  This will give Nikki a night off every now and then.  These changes have been passed onto St Johns so that will also reduce out room hire fee when this starts as we won't be using the rooms as much as before.

We continue to get amazing feedback at the end of the classes about Nikki and how the class is run and the information that is taught so that is always a positive.    


Neeli Govender holds the Marketing role which co-ordinates the distribution of pamphlets and posters that market the benefits of joining the Waitemata Parents Centre.

Medical Practitioners and Midwives in the Waitemata catchment area continue to welcome receiving the promotional material.

Ordering of the brochures proved problematic on two occasions as the on-line ordering form was no longer working properly. Head Office had to be contacted by both telephone and via Facebook, before the orders were successfully placed.

Baby & You Convenor

Everything is running smoothly in this role and Alyssa is happy to continue doing this role from Sydney.

The fees for a couple of our Baby and You speakers have changed as of 2017, as below:
Sarah Smith (Baby Massage) $80 ' this was increased from $60
Trish Martin (Infant Feeding and Settling) $85 ' no change
Pennie Kennings (Life Changes) $80 ' this was increased from $60
Wendy Perera (Child Development) $115 ' no change
Little Beat (Infant CPR) $115 ' no change
We continue to get slow but steady feedback on our B&Y classes through Survey Monkey questionnaires.   After each class a link is sent out to the survey that is specific to the class they have just attended so the feedback we get is relevant to the class (and speaker) they have just attended.  The feedback is generally positive.

Baby and You Hosting

Naomi Naera has been the Baby and You Host for 8 and a half years.  We are running 11 classes a year at the Sunnynook Community Centre which is a great facility for us.  As much as we would love to run more classes the Sunnynook Community Centre is fully booked so would be very difficult to cater for any more.  This year the majority of the Speakers requested the starting time to be at 10am instead of 10.30 am.  This allows the speaker to have a full 2 hours if need be but if not then it made it easier for me to clear the rooms by 12 noon for the next group hiring the room.  We started this new start time March this year and it has made a huge improvement to the course structure and there have been no complaints from the Mums coming half an hour earlier.  

The Sunnynook Community Centre have informed me they are looking at closing the area where we offer tea and coffee etc.  This is to help with the noise levels in the Sycamore room as other hirers have complained about this room getting too much noise through the kitchen.  As of June this year we will stop offering tea, coffee etc at our Baby and You courses in the lead up to this area being permanently closed off.  
We are looking into a grant for our new CPR Mannequins, so we are holding off buying them for now to see if we get approved.  Once that is sorted then we will look into selling the old mannequins we have as they are not for suitable for CPR and choking demonstrations.  Also, in June we are going to have A5-sized evaluations for the ladies to hand in at the end of each class, as speakers would love to hear their feedback immediately after the class rather than a few months after so they are able to assist with any queries/questions.  

Overall everything is running smoothly with our Baby and You classes.


Emma Snow has managed the Advertising Convenor role since March 2016. During this period we have had 12-14 advertisers in our printed newsletter. Some of the advertisers have been with us for many years which is great. Plus we have been able to bring on new advertisers throughout the year. The advertising provides our centre with enough funds to cover the print costs and a portion of the postage costs. There is about $617 per printed issue in advertising that we get. At the start of 2017 we began printing our newsletter in full colour which led to our advertising costs increasing slightly. We will offer a 20% discount to advertisers who pay for a full year advertising up front. So far all advertisers have been happy with the increase as they can see the benefit of having the newsletter in colour. 
We have paid e-newsletter advertisers with a maximum of three paid advertisers per email. This is 100% profit to our centre since we don't have any expenses incurred in producing this. If we have all three paid advertisers with us we get $94.50 per email that we send out as profit.
We have three paid advertisers who keep flyers in our Antenatal rooms and Baby & You rooms at a cost of $100 per year. Once again this is 100% profit to our centre as there are no costs incurred to us. A big thanks to our advertisers as their support is very much appreciated


In December of 2015 saw us change the newsletter to full colour- the role seems to be going well having it split, Laura Smyth continues to put together the newsletter while Lorna Cameron and Julie Walker help to collect content to go into the newsletter. Lorna has only recently joined us in this role and has lots of ideas. Laura has focused on streamlining the newsletter and will continue to work on layout this year.


Cherie McClintock has been the eNewsletter editor since February 2014 and stood down from the role in June 2017. Rebecca Frazer will be picking up the role from July 2017.
The eNewsletter is generally sent every 2 months, on alternate months to the printed newsletter. It is used to promote Waitemata Parents Centre courses, committee vacancies and member-only promotions from advertisers. During the year ending March 2017 we sent five enewsletters (April, June, August, October and March) and one special promotion (Shooting Stars October Special). This is was a total of 3,020 emails. 

Email No. Recipients Open Rate Clicks
April eNews 485 43% 2
June eNews 511 44.9% 51
August eNews 507 37.8% 7
October Special 506 38% 6
October eNews 499 38% 13
March eNews 512 36.8% 15

Email open rates are trending down compared to last year. Clicks are an important measure of engagement - the email that had the most opens and clicks was the June eNews, which contained content about winter entertainment for babies and toddlers, as well as advertising. 

The subscriber base grew from 482 to 512.  We still have approximately70% of who read the emails on their mobiles.

Kiwiparent and Newsletter Distribution

Rebecca Frazer has been responsible for the distribution of the WPC newsletter and Kiwi
Parent Magazine since March 2017. With the bi-monthly publication she liaises with the editor to ensure the newsletter and magazines are collected from the printers, packaged and posted promptly to our current members. Rebecca is looking forward to working with Infoodle for the future ongoing mailouts


Erin O'Hara manages all TENS bookings via email or phone.   All bookings are tracked with a spreadsheet to record the person's name that is hiring the machine, when the machine is due back, and to keep track of all payments for hireage.

The machines are hired regularly over the year, although there are patches in the year that are extra busy when everyone in one antenatal class wants to hire a machine.  In general everything is running smoothly and all machines are returned within 4-6 weeks.

All payments are up to date currently, and one machines are currently on hire.  Over the year there has been no cost increase and the 1 month hire rate remains at $60 (includes TENS pads).
Issues ' Machines are getting older and are harder to use. I do always get better feedback from the people that hire the newer machine.  Look into the possibility of purchasing a couple more of the new TENS machines.
Suggestion ' consider a price increase for hiring the machines to $70.

Hospital Tours

The Hospital tours are taken by Gloria and Louise as a shared role with Julie as a backup when necessary. Tours happen 11 times each year.  They have been running smoothly. The turnout is always strong and our members enjoy the information they receive from them.

Julie Walker
Waitemata Parents Centre


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