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Childbirth Education (Antenatal)

Our Antenatal classes prepare new parents physically and emotionally for the changes during pregnancy and labour.

Our courses are either held over 6 weeks (run once a week on a Tuesday, or Thursday evening) or, during the Christmas period, held over a few weekend days with a shared lunch. We hold classes regularly throughout the year.

Topics covered in the course include:
' Signs of labour
' The labour process
' The role of the support person
' Pain management
' Infant feeding

Also included in the course is a Practical Parenting session (bathing baby, clothes to buy, different nappies, parent panel for questions and answers). North Shore hospital no longer operates tours of the maternity facilities, a virtual tour can now be viewed on-line here.

Our courses are very popular and fill up quickly, so please enquire early on in your pregnancy to ensure you secure a place.


Our dates for 2020/21 are:

Course Start Date Course End Date Due Date Range
Thurs 4th Jun 2020 Thurs 9th Jul 2020 August 2020 - FULL
Tues 23rd Jun 2020 Tues 28th Jul 2020 September 2020
Tues 11th Aug 2020 Tues 15th Sep 2020 October 2020
Thurs 27th Aug 2020 Thurs 1st Oct 2020 November 2020
Tues 29th Sep 2020 Tues 3rd Nov 2020 December 2020
Thurs 19th Nov 2020
(3x 2 hour night classes)
*Sat 12th Dec 2020
(1x full day class)
*Jan - Feb 2021
*Sat 9th Jan 2021 *Sat 16th Jan 2021 March 2021
Tues 26th Jan 2021 Tues 2nd Mar 2021 April 2021
Thurs 25th Feb 2021 Thurs 1st Apr 2021 May 2021
Tues 9th Mar 2021 Tues 13th Apr 2021 June 2021
Tues 4th May 2021 Tues 8th Jun 2021 July 2021
Thurs 3rd Jun 2021 Thurs 8th Jul 2021 August 2021
Tues 22nd Jun 2021 Tues 27th July 2021 September 2021
Tues 10th Aug 2021 Tues 14th Sept 2021 October 2021
Thurs 26th Aug 2021 Thurs 30th Sept 2021 November 2021
Tues 28th Sept 2021 Tues 2nd Nov 2021 December 2021
Thurs 18th Nov 2021
(3x 2 hour night classes)
*Sat 11th Dec 2021
(1x full day class)
*Jan - Feb 2022

* Weekend course. Shared lunch.
New parents who attend our antenatal classes form strong friendships as they go through this exciting new stage in life together. We help to set up coffee groups for the new mums to catch up and have a cuppa - and share what's happening with their new baby! And for the dads - the obligatory beer groups!

Waitemata Parents Centre provides services for parents living in and around Devonport, Takapuna, Milford, Forrest Hill, Castor Bay and Campbells Bay areas. If you reside outside of these areas please consider whether one of our other branches would be more convenient. Remember, your coffee group will be made up of other parents in this geographical area
(but you are still very welcome to join our centre).
Our classes are held at the St John's Building in Shea Terrace Takapuna.

Bookings For more information please email Bookings or phone 09 446 0959 and leave a message.



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