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Introduction to Parents Centre 

Read about Parents Centre's history, philosophy, position statments, the logo and achievements   Introduction to Parents Centre  Click

Baby and You Programme

Click here for the Baby and You Programme guide Baby and You Programme Click



Collage of Birth Photographs Collage of Birth Photographs Click
Helping you to breastfeed your baby - NEW FROM EBOS Breastfeeding guide Click to Download Reader
Soothing your Crying Baby 
Soothing your Crying Baby Click
Bonding & Attachment Handouts
Attachment and Positioning Attachment and Positioning Click to Download Reader
Coping with Perinneal Lacerations Perinneal Lacerations Click to Download Reader
Easy Parenting Transition Easy Parenting Transition Click to Download Reader
For Your Birth For Your Birth Click to Download Reader
Importance of Breastfeeding Importance of Breastfeeding Click to Download Reader
Intervention Information Intervention Information Click to Download Reader
Labour Bag Suggestions Labour Bag Suggestions Click to Download Reader
Medical Pain Relief Summary Medical Pain Relief Summary Click to Download Reader
Pelvic Floor Exercises Pelvic Floor Exercises Click to Download Reader
P.N.D PND Suspected Click to Download Reader
Pointers for Support People Pointers for Support People Click to Download Reader
Practical Parenting Tips Practical Parenting Tips Click to Download Reader
Skills for Labour and Birth Skills for Labour and Birth Click to Download Reader
Skills for Labour A - Z Labour Skills A-Z Click to Download Reader
Skin to Skin for Parents Skin to Skin for Parents Click to Download Reader
Support Roles Support Roles Click to Download Reader
The Blues The Blues Click to Download Reader
Things to Remember Things to Remember Click to Download Reader
Water - Labour and Birth Water Labour and Birth Click to Download Reader
What to Take What to Take Click to Download Reader

Teaching Resources

Baby Friendly Initiative and PCNZ CBE's
Brain Images Brain Images Click to Download Reader
Breastfeeding Lesson Plan Breastfeeding Lesson Plan Click to Download Reader
Breast Milk Substitue Information Breast Milk Substitute Information Click to Download Reader
Endorphine - Adrenaline Plan Endorphine/Adrenaline Plan Click to Download Reader
Find Someone Who Game Find Someone Who Game Click to Download Reader
Investigating Self Help options
Medical Pain Relief - Activity Card Check Sheet Medical Pain Relief Activity Card Check Sheet Click to Download Reader
Medical Pain Relief - Activity Cards Medical Pain Relief Activity Card Click to Download Reader
Skin to Skin Contact Information Skin to Skin Contact Information Click to Download Reader
Welcome Welcome to CBE Classes Click to Download Reader

Other Information

AAIMHI Position Paper 1
AAIMHI Position Paper 2
Ainsworth - Infancy in Uganda
Bonding & Attachment Article from the Atlantic Monthly
Bonding and Attachment Emotional Neglect
Breastfeeding Support Posters Click Here to view, print or order Breastfeeding Support Posters.
Call Me Dad - Brochure Call Me Dad - Brochure Click to Download Reader
CBE Course Leaflets CBE Course Leaflets Click to Download Reader
Library Alphabetical Listings by Title
Maternity Services Consumer Council has produced a wonderful pamphlet on Screening During Pregnancy - Your Choice. To order a copy of this pamphlet please email: mscc@maternity.org.nz Screening During Pregnancy - Your choice Click to Download Reader
PCNZ Poster PCNZ Poster Click to Download Reader
PND - EGG Brochure PND - EGG Click to Download Reader
Post Natal Exercise DVD Post Natal Exercise DVD Click to Download Reader
Safe Start Information

Safe Start Information Click to Download Reader

Skin to Skin in Theatre Brochure Skin to Skin in Theatre Click to Download Reader
Smoking and Pregnancy Information Smoking and Pregnancy Click to Download Reader
Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy Brochure
SUDI Click to Download Reader
Summary of CBE Goals Workshop CBE Goals Workshop Click to Download Reader
Tens Flyer Tens flyer Click to Download Reader
What Is Tens What is Tens Click to Download Reader
Tens Editorial Tens Editortial Click to Download Reader
Understanding Bonding & Attachment - Lauren Porter Info Understanding Bonding & Attachment Click to Download Reader
Vitamin K Information Brochure Order Form
WHO Code Information WHO Code Information Click to Download Reader