AUT Research Project  - seeking women who have combined IVF treatment with paid employment

Serena Walker is a Masters student at AUT University and is completing a research project for her dissertation entitled 'The experience of combining IVF and paid employment: women's narratives.' . The purpose of this research is to understand the experiences of women combining IVF treatment and paid employment.

So how can you help? In one of two ways:

  1. You may have experienced IVF treatment whilst maintaining paid employment. If so, would you care to share your experiences? Attached is a participant information sheet with further information and contact details.
  2. Do you know other women in this position? Perhaps they would be interested in sharing their experiences? If you know anyone that has had IVF treatment whilst maintaining paid employment, please forward them this newsletter or web address so that they can consider this invitation and also review the participant information sheet.

For further details click here AUT Participant Information Click to Download Reader

Please note: Your privacy will be respected and protected at all times should you wish to participate by disguising any identifying information in the report. This information will be available only to the Principal Researcher and will be stored in a locked office within the Department of Psychology at AUT.