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And One More – The Multiple Experience
Babies and Other Hazards of Sex
Breast Bottle Bowl – The Best Fed Baby Book
New Zealand Parent’s Guide – How Babies Learn
New Zealand Parent’s Guide – Your Baby
On Becoming Babywise (Training Baby to Sleep the Night)
Pyjamas Don’t Matter or What Your Baby Really Needs
The Sleeping Baby – NZ Study of Infant Sleep from Birth to 12 months
The Womanly Art of Breast Feeding

Children It’s Pre-School Today
New Zealand Parent’s Guide – Your Toddler
Starting School
The Children in the Family – Principles of Montessori Method
Ready for Maths (Activities Promoting Maths) Your Child 2 – 6 years

Health Be Well Naturally – Complete Guide for New Zealand Woman of Any Age
Cervical Cancer – A Book For Every Woman
Cot Death in New Zealand – Unfolding the Mystery
Kid’s Healthy Lunches and Afternoon Snacks
Natural Medicine for Children 
Post Natal Depression Services Available Rotorua – Reference Material
Relax and Come Alive
Schools Are For Adults Too!
The Body Book 
The Cot Death Cover Up?
The Getting Better Book
Understanding ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
A Self Help Kit For Couples

Miscellaneous Advocacy and Lobbying Guide
Change It – How to Influence Public Policy
More Power To You – Guidelines for Influencing Political Decisions
Positive Thinking – How to Get More Out Of Life
The New Zealand Green Guide – Healthy Lifestyle for You and the Planet
Treaty of Waitangi – Questions and Answers

Parenting A Good Enough Dad – The True Confessions of an Infant Father
A Working Mother’s Handbook – Guide for Expectant and New Mothers
Becoming a Powerful Parent
Catch Them When They’re Good – Parents Survival Guide
Fathering – Strengthening Connection With Your Child 
Hints for Hassle Free Living with Kids
How to Cope with Kids – Practical Handbook for the First Five Years 
Juggling It All – The SHE Guide to Your Work, Your Child and Your Life
Kids Are Worth It – Giving Your Child the Gift of Inner Discipline
Liberated Parents, Liberated Children – Your Guide to a Happier Family
Living with Teenagers
Making Friends – A Guide To Getting Along With People
Motherhood Experiences After 30
Motherhood – The Second Oldest Profession
Mother Matter Too – A Book for New Zealand Women At Home
Night Time Parenting – How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep
New Zealand Parent’s Guide - Bedwetting
P.E.T - Parent Effectiveness Training
Positive Parenting – Toddles and Teenagers
Practical Parenting – Successful Strategies for Behaviour Problems
Raising Girls – The Pleasures, The Perils and the Pitfalls
Step by Step – Building a Step Family
Talking To Kids With Feeling – A Book for Adults and Children
The Essential Guide for First Time Parents 
The Mother Experience – New Zealand Women Talk About Motherhood
The Sixty Minute Father – An Hour To Change Your Child’s Life
Toilet Training Toddlers
You Can Communicate – Confident Personal and Group Communication

Play Creative Play
Entertaining and Educating Young Children
Fun For Big Kids
Magic Places – Young Children’s Creative Art
365 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Children
Ten Little Fingers
The Wild Track Book
365 TV Free Activities You Can Do With Your Child
What A Good Idea
Wild Tracker Activity Book – ENJOY IT
Wild Tracker Activity Book – GROW IT
Wild Tracker Activity Book – SAVE IT
Wild Tracker Activity Book – WATCH IT
Winners All Co-operative Games for All Ages

Pregnancy Active Birth
Childbirth As It Really Is – New Zealand Mothers Tell Their Stories
Giving Birth – How It Really Feels
How to be a Pregnant Father
Pregnancy and Childbirth

Videos Baby Einstein (1 to 18 months)
Baby’s Fine – How about you? 
Every Minute Counts
Every Second Counts – Home Emergencies
“Grab That Moment”  How to Communicate with Children about Sex and Sexuality
Nursery Needs – Creative Parenting (Birth to 6 Months)
What is Glue Ear? (A Presentation in Three Parts)

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