Breastfeeding through sickness

Feeding your baby with breast milk when you’re unwell will provide them with some immunity from the sickness you are dealing with.  Our bodies have a unique ability to produce antibodies in our breast milk which help to protect and reduce the chance of baby also becoming ill. 

Colds and flus are not transmitted through breast milk, they are contracted via droplets through sneezing and coughing.  By continuing to breastfeed, a mother provides her baby with antibodies and other immune elements to fight the cold and flu viruses. 

Be aware of medications that may pass through the breast milk to the baby.  Make sure you tell your pharmacist, doctor or natural health provider that you are breastfeeding so that you receive suitable treatment that won’t interfere with breastfeeding. 

Looking after mum:

Looking after baby if s/he gets a cold:

 Seek professional advice should you have any concerns or your symptoms aren’t clearing.