'Return to work'


Parents Centres are delighted to be partnering Au Pair Link and PORSE in our programme ‘Return to Work’. This programme encompasses a number of modules that are all relevant for parents who might have been at home caring for family and are now considering re-entering the paid workforce. Eqully many parents attend prior to thier baby's arrival as they start considering ahead of time how this process works and what childcare options will best suit thier needs.

The topics are delivered in 2 hour modules and can include a mixture of:

All of these modules are delivered and supported by well-researched resources.  The content has been designed to give ideas and inspiration for discussing and considering the important issues around returning to work for parents.

The programme will be of benefit to parents negotiating the often uncertain and uncharted waters of returning to the paid workforce after starting a family.

Contact a Centre near you to find out where and when this programme will be offered in your area.