Parent Education

Mana Parents Centre offer a variety of short courses, led by experts, to assist and support parents. Check out the courses we currently have on offer and the 2015 course schedule:



CPR (for Babies and Toddlers)

Whether you have children or are expecting, in just two hours you can learn vital lifelong skills that could save your childís life! Learn the two different techniques needed for babies under 12 months and toddlers. This course also covers choking and basic first aid.

Positive Discipline and Tantrums

Most challenging behaviours occur for a reason, often because a child is trying to communicate needs or to express frustration. By looking beyond problem behaviours to understand why the behaviour occurs we can develop simple management strategies to modify the behaviour.

Creative Play

Covering the relationship between brain development and movement, this session provides practical ideas, games and songs for getting young children active. Learn what toys to introduce at which stages in your child's development.

Solids & Beyond

This session covers introducing solid foods to your baby in stages and helpful information on: cooking baby food; continuing milk feeds; storing and freezing foods safely; using commercial baby foods; progressing towards finger foods and family meals. Includes FREE food samples and charts and you can purchase the Alison Holst Baby Food and Beyond recipe book for only $12.

Toilet Training

Get you and your toddler ready for this next step. The course covers signs of readiness, how to start, proper hygiene and what to do when itís not working. FREE Huggies samples and a toilet training guide are supplied.

Baby Sign

This workshop introduces parents to sign language for hearing babies, a wonderful, easy to use, early communication tool. Parents are taught when to start signing, how signing is implemented and how to recognise when their baby has grasped the concept.

Brainwave Trust Seminar

A fascinating seminar where you can gain new insights into how your little one's brain works and is developing. It focuses on the importance of the first three years of life and covers how the brain develops, how brain connections are formed, critical periods for learning skills and how experiences shape the brain. Recommended for expectant parents and those already with children.

Water Babies

Learn how to help your baby be confident in the water. This class will cover practical ideas and games for lots of water-based fun. Includes FREE voucher for all those interested in swimming lessons is also included.

Sleep Solutions

From newborns to toddlers, whatever your sleep problem, this course will look at positive management strategies to promote healthy sleep patterns.

First Aid

This course will cover all the basic first aid knowledge every parent needs.  From managing high temperatures, to knowing what to do for everything from bleeding and burns to poisoning.

Parenting with Purpose

This programme has been created to encourage parents/caregivers and key support people to look at how they parent, where they learnt their parenting skills and are they the most productive skills to use when raising children. This is a six module programme.

Magic Moments

Focuses on using non-physical ways of discipline, and encourages parents and caregivers to build strong and caring relationships with their children, while giving clear boundaries. This is a three module programme.

What sort of parent do you want to be?

This class covers conscious parenting Ė reflecting on our own experiences with our parents and discussion around the three main parenting styles. This is appropriate for parents of children of any age.

2015 Course Schedule

Please view the Parent Education page at the Mana Parents Centre website at:, where you will find all the information about the course and available timetables. 

To enrol

Send a booking request to or for further information contact Mana Parents Centre on 04 237 6262.

All courses are held at Pember House, 16 Hagley Street, Porirua. Bookings and prepayment are essential. Parents Centre members have priority. Dates for some courses may change - please contact to confirm.

Course costs

Costs vary for each course. This years costs are outlined in the course schedule above. Costs are subject to change without notice, so please check at the time of booking.

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