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We run six self funded classes a year, running over a weekend from 9am - 4pm. 

Your class will be taken by our fully qualified childbirth educator Lynley Daley.

Childbirth education classes are a great way to meet other parents to be with babies due around the same time as you.


Topics Covered

Discomforts of pregnancy, first stage of labour, going into labour, self help during early labour
Avoiding a posterior positioned baby, labour stages one and two, pain relief
Third stage of labour, birth video, interventions during labour, birth plans, admission to hospital
Ceasarean section, unexpected outcomes, breastfeeding, issues for babies
Emotional disorders, newborn baby tips such as nappy changing, bathing, car seats

Purposes of Childbirth Education Classes

There are many reasons for which parents to be come to childbirth education classes.
Some of the reasons we have identified are:
  • To gain information on pregnancy, labour, birth and parenting
  • To develop practical skills such as relaxation, stretching, nappy folding etc
  • To explore and share feelings, experiences and attitudes with others in the same situation
  • To develop friendships and establish support networks
Style of Learning
Parents Centre classes are based on participatory education. You will be asked what you want from the class as it is important to meet your needs. Your childbirth educator will use a variety of teaching techniques and small group work in order to give you the opportunity to discuss your own expectations, explore alternatives ad work out solutions that best meet your own needs. This gives time to mix with other class members and allows you to get to know them better. 
Upcoming Course Dates
Early 2018 - Date TBC

No charge

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