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National Volunteer Symposium
Brentwood Hotel, Wellington

13-15 September 2013

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Discussion Groups

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Discussion Group - Sunday 15th 9:00am - 11:45am
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Discussion Group - Sunday 15th 12:45pm - 3:00pm
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Sunday morning Discussion Groups

President's Group

Focus on issues or challenges that President's might be faced with. An opportunity to share together about how you best work within the role, delegating to the team, managing personalities and overseeing the services provided by your Centre. Discuss successes that your team has had and how you achieved these - your success might be someone else's learning!

Treasurer's Group

A session facilitated by the Finance & Administration Manager. This will provide a chance to ask questions about the new Xero system and processes. Treasurers can discuss any other matters relevant to monetary matters, contract management (DHB's), audits, reporting etc

Strategic Partnerships

Why do we have the partnerships? Who are they and what are our obligations to them as volunteers working at Centre level? What benefits are there in having partnerships - how do we make the partnerships work to implement a win-win situation? Come and share successes you have had with working alongside our partnerships or explore how you can best make the partnerships work at local level. An informative session for all

Parent Education

Perhaps you are struggling to establish some of your parent education programmes. Share together ideas to help make these a success. What might work well in your community, identifying the needs of your members, exploring the bigger picture of how parent education programmes impact on membership recruitment. Bring your success stories to this session and your "what worked well" messages to the group

Managing the roll over

When volunteers decide to move on how does this impact on the remaining team? Just how important is succession planning and how do committees go about this? Explore together how you might fill the gaps in the interim while you recruit new volunteers and perhaps most importantly involving the whole team to ensure the services continue to "tick along". Understand the importance of maintaining good records and process documents

Sunday afternoon Discussion Groups

Grant applications

A positive focus on what needs to be considered when applying for grants, how important is it to really highlight your goals, what messages do we need to "get across", importance of acknowledging funding support, a hands-on experience working with covering letters and grant application documents. A chance to share what works well for you and seek support from others if you have challenges

Conflict Management

At some stage any group might experience some level of conflict. Share together in a positive and productive session about what might cause conflicts and how can we work through the conflict and with the conflict. Learn about recognizing strengths that everyone brings to a team and how we work together to face the challenges and "stay in our adult" to work through them. It's not about blame, it's about working together in an assertive and productive sense

Leadership within a group

This doesn't just apply to being the President? What makes a good leader and how to develop leadership qualities. What do you aspire to and how can you best take advantage of opportunities within Parents Centre? A chance to discuss together the different leadership styles, how to work with existing leaders and how to grow skills

Attracting new volunteers and members

A significant challenge across many organisations today. How can Parents Centre work effectively at grass roots level to ensure we attract the best volunteers we can and maintain our membership growth. What are your specific challenges - a chance to positively explore opportunities all communities have to showcase their Centre. How does the Marketing Kit impact your team and what you achieve in attracting new volunteers and members?

Introduction to Parents Centre

All new volunteers should complete this important training. Come and learn a brief history of Parents Centre, what is the structure of our organisation and as a volunteer within the organisation why is it so important for me to have an introduction to Parents Centre? You may be surprised at some of the amazing achievements our organisation has had. Come and hear of those and learn about the reason for the birth of Parents Centre. A must for those who have not completed this training at Centre level


Splish Splash—Let’s Play!

Explore how to keep ourpre-schoolers safe around water, the benefits of water play and how to build water confidence.
New Zealand statistics in preschool drowning's are over represented in developing countries. Lets work to educate, keep our kids safe while having fun in our island nations.


Te Whare Tangata

Explore the Sacred House of The People and the cycle of life from a Maori world view. The connection between Papatuanuku and wahine is a special relationship which edifies the role of wahine as nurturers and guardians of the House of The People and gives an insight into how traditional knowledge is still relevant for whanau today. All the processes discussed in this workshop are evidence based and is of great value for gaining a better understanding of Maori values.


Making A Difference through quality education and support

Experience a unique opportunity that provides effective, simple and consistent education about infant crying and the harm caused by shaking a baby. It also provides helpful tips to support parents on what they can do if they are feeling stressed, and where they can go for help. This workshop will outline the background of the programme, presents the results of the caregiver and health professional audits and the content of the programme. The presentation will also give tips and tools for the participants to feel confident to discuss the topic.


Homeopathy –Reconnecting your Power

Parents are innately connected to their children – homeopathy is a practical tool which enables and empowers us to deal safely with a range of health symptoms which arise from time to time. This workshop will cover an introduction to the basic principles of homeopathy and focus on how you can be proactive in treating simple ailments at home, particularly with your children. You will also gain an overview of the wider range of situations people seek treatment for from professional homeopaths and gain some understanding of the philosophy of homeopathic treatment


The Power of Touch

This workshop will endeavour to introduce the subject of human touch from birth until death, focusing particularly on the importance of positive touch for children. Seminal and current research will bring participants at the workshop up to date with current societal perceptions surrounding human touch and the risks involved in depriving children of this fundamental human need


Breastfeeding: the Parenting Choice of a Lifetime

Raeleen Du Joux
Breastfeeding is the foundation for optimum nutrition. Somehow over time the importance of breastfeeding has been undermined and breastfeeding is no longer the natural choice of all women. The decision to breastfeed has become a lifestyle choice.
The Baby Friendly Community Initiative (BFCI) programme aims to improve the quality of breastfeeding information and support provided by pregnancy and parenting services with the overall goal to increase the percentage of babies who are breastfed.

This workshop will share success stories from community services involved in the BFCI programme. We will discuss the value of implementing the BFCI Seven Point Plan so services can provide consistent information, support and advice to pregnant and breastfeeding women, and their whanau.


Precious Cargo!

This workshop delivered by Baby on the Move will explore car seat safety, restraints and how to make good choices when purchasing a car seat.


Maximising Partner Relationships

Understand the importance of our strategic partnerships, how they benefit your Centre and the contribution you can make to enhancing these relationships.


Strong Mothers Build Strong Children

Keeping time, energy and resources for yourself as a parent or carer can feel selfish or counter intuitive to real loving care, but in fact helps you keep strong enough to give on both the good and bad days. This is a workshop for anyone who has either ever felt guilty for wanting some "me time" or has gone without it for so long you don't even know what it is!
Learn how to be selfish for yourself, so you can be happily selfless if you need to be. You'll come out with a range of simple to do ideas, and a reminder in your value as a parent or carer.


Today’s Children are Tomorrow’s Future

We now know that a child’s experiences from conception to three largely determine how their brain develops, and whether they will become capable, contributing , well adjusted adults.
This fascinating workshop will provide you with the latest on neuroscience and assist you with delivering this message to your community.


Making A Difference—Supporting Women to Breastfeed

La Leache League
Hear the latest research, latest techniques and thinking around breastfeeding to enable you to support mums to exclusively breastfeed their babies.


Delaying the Tooth Fairy! The importance of Oral Health.

An overview of oral health, the importance of oral health in pregnancy, the importance of baby teeth, early childhood caries and impacts of sugar. Understand the five key oral health messages.


Screening in Pregnancy

Discover the latest trends in screening during pregnancy. What is screened and when? Explore your role in providing this information to the community.


Healthy Homes—Healthy Kids—Healthy In-vironment

Gain an insight into the many reasons why many New Zealand houses are considered unhealthy, the impacts this has on families, especially young children.
Find out what can be done to create a healthy home in-vironment.


Fact or fiction? Nutrition during pregnancy and beyond!

So much advice about what to eat or not to eat during pregnancy. What you can and what you can’t give to your baby? What is fact and what is fiction? Break down common myths with scientific evidence and commonly asked questions.


Pull, Hold and Count Regaining Control of your pelvic floor


Become A Safe Sleep Champion

‘Baby Essentials’ is an education package. Learn essential skills and information that help protect a baby’s life. Its Build a knowledge base, challenge attitudes that may undermine safety and understand a set of principles for protecting infant life.


Moving Smart

Understand why kids need to move and why it’s more important than ever in today’s world! Explore the impact movement has on early childhood development, and its role as the central springboard to future success in school... and life!


Eat Your Vege’s or No Pudding!

Parents can spend hours teaching their children to walk, read, and write. Understand how children learn to eat and how as parents we can support in creating a life long love of eating.


Boosting Membership Services to the Community Closed session for

Looking to increase members?
Looking to increase the volunteer pool?
The come and explore practical and Innovative strategies for attracting and retaining members.


Wanted—Dads, Dads and More Dads

This workshop will firstly overview the evidence gained from five research projects conducted by the presenters. These projects uncovered views on fathering from several key groups including fathers themselves, their partners, antenatal educators and Plunket nurses. Participants will then be asked to work together in assessing their own practice and in planning strategies to best support fathers within families.


Not A Wet Bed Again? Is this a problem?


Building Resilient Children

To learn we need to feel safe, and have the resilience to keep on going when things get hard. To create children ready to learn, we need to find a balance between ensuring they are safe, and pushing them to risk so they know they are strong and can think for themselves.
How can we build resilient children?
Rachel Goodchild takes a look at the results of "cottonwooling" our children, and how we can create safe age appropriate boundaries for them that give them room to explore and learn. During this session you'll walkthrough what goes on in the brain of a child having a temper tantrum, and how to ensure it builds trust in parents and carers.


First World Country—Third World Diseases.
Increasing health outcomes through immunisation

The Ministry is committed to increasing immunisation coverage because it is one of the most effective public health interventions to protect against vaccine preventable diseases. There has been a considerable increase in immunisation coverage for two year olds from 67% in 2007, to 92% in March 2012. However, coverage at six months continues to lag, and at March 2012 was 71%. As the two year immunisation coverage is much higher, the issue facing parents may be one of timeliness. Therefore the Ministry is keen to invest resources into discovering why coverage is lower at six months and will put in place mechanisms to increase the coverage following the primary series of immunisation's (at 6 weeks, three months and five months). This workshop will discuss activities proposed by the Ministry to increase coverage of the primary series of Immunisations and agree how CBE's can contribute to this goal.