Family Friendly Awards for Parents Centres across New Zealand


On this page you will find details of the Family Friendly Awards which Gore Parents Centre ran in 2012 and 2013 and which some other Centres introduced as part of Parents Centre Week in 2013.

These Awards are a terrific opportunity for Centre's to increase their profile in the local community as the "go to" place for everything to do with parenting. Benefits are ongoing too as the winning businesses continue to use the Parents Centre family friendly badge and may well see improvements by other local businesses towards making themselves more 'family friendly' for when these Awards roll around again.

The key is to get your local media (in Gore's case The Ensign newspaper) on board as a sponsor (no cash involved, simply partnership status). This ensured some great media coverage and a real buzz around these Awards, having given the newspaper ownership of the idea.

Bernadette Hunt, Regional Co-ordinator for the Southern Region and creator of the Awards says this : "These Awards really are a pretty simple thing to run. It's purely a publicity exercise, and pushing the publicity is really the most difficult thing about it - and that's not hard, it sells itself very easily. The best thing is that that publicity goes all year because the winners and finalists end up with certificates, and the winner uses the badge on all their publicity ... so it keeps popping up on posters, ads etc all year round. I'd really recommend it as a very easy thing to do launch during Parents Centre week, and for those of you having trouble getting an 'in' with your local papers, this just might give you a start."

Have a read through everything here and please come back to us at the National Support Centre if you have any questions. The badges will be updated for ‘2014’ and, if you go ahead with these Awards, they can be sent through to you when they arrive.


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 Below is some of the media coverage that came about as a result of the local newspaper's sponsorship of the Awards:

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