Centre Marketing

We are launching a new 'Supporter’s Badge' to Centres for your use.  Please read the attached information carefully to understand what the process is for the use of the badge. 

We believe this will certainly add value to the partnerships that you have with your local businesses.  When partnering with a local business, please ensure that the business fits with the philosophy of Parents Centre.  All requests for use of the supporter’s badge are to come directly to the National Support Centre in the first instance to ensure we have appropriate businesses using this Parents Centre branding opportunity.  Once approval is given, the badge files will be sent to you for your Centre use. 

Click on the document below for details of the process and a simple Supporter’s Badge Agreement which can be used with your local partner,

Supporters Badge Agreement Click



Marketing kits for your Centres have been distributed to all Centres. You can also read an online version here - Centre Marketing Kit Click to Download Reader

Please also use the resources on this page, join our Marketing facebook group and email the National Support Centre if you would like any assistance with your Centre marketing. 

Have you ordered any of our brochures? 2 types available, you can add your Centre details on the back or insert your Centre's information inside.
Email the National Support Centre if you would like a sample or order yours from the online shop today!

OR you can change the details of the general brochure - personalise for your own Centre - and print your own!  Email for a copy of the Microsoft Publisher file and make the changes yourself.  See a copy of the file here -Supporting parents brochure Click to Download Reader 

Parents Centre Week 2015 Banner Click

Download the official logos here.


Sample posters

Please adapt for your Centre and print in colour!

Become a member poster Click to Download Reader

Are you pregnant poster Click to Download Reader

Volunteering poster Click to Download Reader

Our proud history poster Click to Download Reader (replaces 'Achievements' poster)


Sample press release/partnership letter

Example press release Click to Download Reader

Example partnership letter Click to Download Reader


Certificate template

Certificate template Click to Download Reader


Microsoft powerpoint template

Microsoft powerpoint template Click to Download Reader


Business card templates are now available in Microsoft Publisher

Check them out here - Business Cards Template Click to Download Reader  - and email the National Support Centre for a copy of the Publisher file.


Style Guide and Branding Guidelines

Please read these before you produce any material for your Centre

Download here - 2011 Style Guide and Branding Guidelines ClicktoDownloadReader


Official colours to use in print production are:

Spot colours: PMS 2756 blue and PMS 1245 yellow
Process colour: Blue – 100C 100M 0Y 15K and Yellow – 6C 35M 100Y 15K
RGB: Blue - R40 G21 B99 and Yellow R189 G142 B16
Logo font: Segoe UI


Centre logos and high res logos for graphic designers, printers and sign writers are also available.

These have been emailed to Centres - for further assistance please email the National Support Centre.