Parents Centres Antenatal (Childbirth) Education Course Outline

This is the standard course offered by Parents Centre & taught by one of our qualified Childbirth Educators.



Course duration

Minimum of 12 hours (but preferably 14 hours or more), usually over 6 to 9 weeks, depending on whether an Early Pregnancy Course has been run.
Weekend, block or ‘intensive’ courses may also be run according to the expressed needs of pregnant women.

Some topics will be excluded if these have been covered in an early pregnancy course. 

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Foetal Development

Prenatal Care


Physical and Psychological Needs

Pelvic Awareness

Relaxation - interwoven

Stretching and Exercise

Coping with Contractions

Description of Labour

Drugs, Obstetric Procedures and their Alternatives


Postnatal Issues

Early Days at Home

Unplanned Experiences

Well Child Care

Optional topics

Teaching Resources

To enable the Childbirth Educator to vary their teaching and presentation techniques, a range of resources will be necessary. The extent of these resources will vary from Centre to Centre according to circumstances may include most of the following:

 Contact a Centre near you to enrol for classes in your area